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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 11.05.20


Friday 15th May 2020


Have you read a book you enjoyed recently? Complete this book review and tell us why you loved it so much. 

Remember you can listen to your favourite books for free on Audible. Have a browse and find a book you like and get transported to another world! 


Continue with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor or complete the daily lesson on BBC bitesize.

Practise your times tables and become the greatest rock star of all time on TTrockstars


“Thank you…” Two simple words, but such a powerful message...

Write a letter to someone who is important to you, thanking them for all the ways they have made a positive difference to your life. Follow this presentation and complete all the tasks.


Have you seen the information on the MFL page about writing to a French penpal? As we know you love French, we think this would be a great opportunity for you! Just like us, children in France have been experiencing lockdown. You could ask the French children some questions about how they are finding it and you could share your experiences too! You can write in English, French or a mixture of both, whatever you feel most comfortable doing! If you are interested, send us or Mrs Livesey an email!

Now, let’s learn about the jungle animals in French. Use the 'La jungle' PowerPoint to teach yourself the words for different jungle animals. Listen to the audio to practise the correct pronunciation and copy the words down to learn how to spell them. Take note of which letters and sounds aren't what you expected! Make up actions for each animal and play charades.

Test how much you can remember with the ‘Memory magic’ PowerPoint.

Daily exercise

Warm up with this dance on GoNoodle

Move your feet fast with tennis pro Madison Keys in this workout video.

Cool down and focus on your breathing with this calming mindfulness exercise


Keep up the amazing work guys! Don’t forget to send us your favourite piece of work at

We miss you so much! Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Thursday 14th May 2020


Read chapter three of ‘Stargazing for Beginners’ and answer the following questions:

  1. How does Meg spend her lunchtime?
  2. Why did Meg grab the first sandwich she saw?
  3. Where did Harriet move to?
  4. What score did Meg get on her maths test?
  5. Find and copy one word which means the same as ‘stood against’.


Complete your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor! If you're still waiting for your login, complete the daily maths lesson on BBC bitesize instead.
Test your times tables knowledge with the speed test. Are you the fastest person in your house? Challenge someone!


Time to become a teacher! It’s really important to proofread your work to check for errors and find ways to make your writing even more amazing. Your task is to read the paragraph all about Wimbledon and find all the mistakes - you can highlight the errors in different colours. If you’re up for a challenge, you could even try and correct the errors. Click here to start marking the work! 


This half term we are focusing on our identity. What makes us unique? What do we like and dislike? What are we really good at? We are all different and that’s what makes us great. We want you to watch this short clip about identity and values and then head over to Purple Mash to complete the My Identity activity. If you’re not sure, you could ask someone from your household what they like about you or something they think you’re really good at. Have fun and be kind to yourself!

Daily exercise

Have a go at the Mulan: Get Moving Disney workout! Did you know this is also Miss Redpath’s favourite Disney film?

Have a great day, try your best and stay positive! Don’t forget to email across any work or fun things you have been doing to!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Read chapter two of ‘Stargazing for Beginners’ and answer the following questions:

  1. Find and copy one thing that Meg does in the morning before breakfast.
  2. Do Meg and her mum look similar? Explain your answer using evidence from the text.
  3. On page 7 it says ‘It’s fair to say she doesn’t feel the same way about our flat.’ What does that tells you about their flat?
  4. Do you think Meg is a good sister to Elsa? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
  5. What can Meg see from her balcony?


Continue with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor

Another option is to complete the daily maths lesson on BBC bitesize.

Practise your 6, 7, 8 & 9 times tables with Numberock!


Click here to see today’s picture called ‘Disappearing World’. Have a look at the details in this picture and try to answer these questions orally.

  • What can you see in the distance?
  • What is happening to the buildings?
  • What is that door doing in the middle of the road?
  • What do you think is underneath the road?

Story Starter!

Read this story starter. Your writing task today is to write the end of the story.

'Piece by piece, the street was disappearing.

In the distance a portal shone, sending soft, golden beams of light out across the evening sky. As the light kissed the clouds they blushed, becoming pink illuminations that stood and watched the street below like nosey spectators.

All that was now left of the street was the door. It was still open. There was still time. The figure in the distance began to run, but was he too late?'

Design and Technology

Our D&T topic this summer term is called ‘Seasonality’.

Seasonality of food refers to the times of year when a given type food is produced. This is usually the time when the item is the cheapest and the freshest on the market.

Watch this BBC Teach clip and learn about where our food comes from.

Have a look at the vegetable and fruit seasonal chart. Your task is to cook or bake something (for example a fruit salad) using some seasonal fruits and/or vegetables.

Make sure you ask your adult for some help. We would love it if you could send us some pictures too! 

Daily exercise

Try this yoga flow with Adriene.

Warning: there is a super cute doggy in the video!


Keep it up guys! You are being so strong and doing so well!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Read chapter one of ‘Stargazing for Beginners‘ and answer the following questions:

  1. Why did Grandad stencil ‘Megara 1’ on the rocket?
  2. Why did Grandad know exactly what to say?
  3. What buttons were inside the rocket?
  4. How did Meg feel when Mum turned on the vacuum?
  5. Find and copy one word which means the same as ‘vanished’. 


Carry on with your 30 days maths challenge on The Maths Factor! Alternatively, you can complete the daily maths lesson from BBC bitesize.

Practise your times tables with Hit the Button.


Watch the animation ‘Pigeon Impossible’ - a story about Secret Agent Walter Beckett who ends up with a problem of pigeon sized proportions. After watching, we want you to write a news report about what happened. You could even include some quotes from people you interviewed!


Did you know Tutankhamun became the pharaoh of Egypt aged only 9-10? You are going to learn more about this interesting Egyptian ruler by watching the clip and reading the information from BBC bitesize.

Like it says, when he died, he was buried in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. His burial place was hidden for many centuries until it was discovered by the Egyptologist Howard Carter in 1922. Using the video to help you, you are going to write a diary entry from Howard Carter explaining all about the day you discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb. What was inside? How did you feel? What happened?

Daily exercise

Have a go at the dance routine to ‘Into the Unknown’ from Frozen 2!

If you'd rather try something else, why not give the Ancient Egypt guided meditation a go?


Keeping being super stars! Well done for working so hard. 

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Monday 11th May 2020


Let’s start the week with some happy news on Newsround!


Listen to ‘Snappsy the Alligator’ on Story Online and answer the following questions.

  1. What was wrong with Snappsy at the beginning of the story?
  2. What did Snappsy like to eat?
  3. Name three things that Snappsy had on his shopping list.
  4. How would you describe Snappy’s personality?
  5. What’s so special about the way the story is told?


Continue with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor.

Play the game Funky Mummy. You can choose your challenge: addition, subtraction or multiplication. 


Watch this short film called ‘Catch A LOT’. It is the story of a father and son team who have differing opinions about their jobs. One day, when they are out at sea, some big creature appears out of nowhere… 

Message in a Bottle:

Imagine you are one of the characters from the clip. After the whale tries to eat you, you find yourself washed up on a strange island. Write a message to put into a bottle to explain how you got there. 

Want to learn more about whales? Read these facts and answer the questions on the next page to check your understanding! 

Don’t forget to log onto to complete your grammar work.


Did you know Mrs Livesey created a French page on the website? Click here to complete one of her challenges. You can even send your work (whether it is pictures or videos!) straight to her: 

Bonne chance!

Daily exercise

Warm up with the ‘U Can’t Touch This’ dance on GoNoodle.

Exercise your whole body and increase your heart rate with this performance training 

Now cool down with some mindfulness. You can sit down or lie down and close your eyes. Take a moment to be grateful for all that you have.


Have a super day and keep up the hard work everyone! You are our super stars! We are loving seeing all the amazing work you are sending in – it brightens our day!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x


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