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Moston Lane Community Primary School

A Learning Community

Staff Development

Moston Lane is a learning community where children and adults continually develop skills and knowledge to be the best they can be. Teaching staff have access to a full and varied coaching programme which includes regular opportunities to observe one another teach and to discuss teaching and learning in a range of settings. In this way staff, continually reflect on practice to improve teaching and learning and ensure excellent outcomes for pupils.

’Observing my colleagues teach is a brilliant way to develop my practice. It allows me to learn new methods and see how colleagues have put training into practice.

‘The coaching meeting where we discuss the lesson afterwards is invaluable. It allows us to share what we have observed and discuss with colleagues’ things to try with our own classes.’


Coaches – Outstanding Teachers

We have an experienced team of ‘coaches’ who meet weekly to discuss CPD priorities. Sue Pownall (Deputy Head) coordinates CPD within school and Mel Adams (Assistant Head) is a lead coach and mentor, supporting students and early career framework teachers. 


Student Teachers

Mel is passionate about her student mentor role. She ensures teachers enter the profession at a very high standard.

‘To be able to work with trainees, support them on their own journey, and to share my expertise, is one of the greatest privileges I have been given and I feel extremely lucky to be able to help guide them as they embark on their teaching adventure! To see our trainees grow into competent, confident classroom practitioners is overwhelming and reminds me daily why I love each aspect of my teacher / mentor role.’ (Mel Adams)

Moston Lane Primary School is part of the North Manchester Initial Teacher Training Partnership and as such, many of our student teachers are studying on the ‘School Initial Teaching Training’ (SCITT)  programme. Mel Adams coordinates the SCITT programme within school and ensures trainees receive quality first support and training.

Class teachers, who take responsibility for mentoring students find the experience extremely rewarding and beneficial to their own practice.

‘I absolutely loved my year supporting a SCITT student. It was great to see new ideas in action. As an experienced teacher, it enabled me to reflect on my own practice more regularly and to take risks demonstrating engaging ideas for the students to observe.’  (Kim Parkinson Y6 teacher )

‘The trainees have felt supported and been amazed by our friendly and welcoming ethos. I think our team approach is a big strength – how all members of staff, whatever their role, work to support trainees and provide an environment where they can flourish!’ ( Richard Harding – Y2 teacher )


Initial Teacher Training