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Moston Lane Community Primary School

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Another prime area of development in Early Years is Personal, Social and Emotional Development. In Early Years, children are encouraged to begin to regulate their own behaviour, solve conflicts with friends independently, demonstrate sociable behaviour to children and adults, begin to comfort themselves when they are upset, start to tolerate delay in their wants or needs and to become confident in their own ability and begin to explore their environment around them without adult support.



As Moston Lane is working towards becoming a nurture school we also follow this approach in our Early Years. Every class has a visual timetable to help children cope with the busy structure of the day and transitions between lessons. Each year group also has a calm corner which the children know how to use to help regulate their emotions. We understand that behaviour is a form of communication so all the staff follow the school’s policy when managing behaviour in the setting.

We also really enjoy mindfulness time in Early Years and like to complete activities with the children such as breath work, peer massage, mindfulness colouring, yoga and other calming activities the children enjoy.