Welcome to

Moston Lane Community Primary School

This year, the staff in Nursery are:

Mrs Jones, Mrs Dowling, Miss Peate, Mrs Cullen and Miss Roberts

This year, the staff in Reception are:

Mrs Rycroft, Miss Thompson, Mrs Sharkey and Mrs Shanley


Throughout Nursery and Reception, we cover a wide range of topics for the children to explore and learn through. Some of the topics are explored in Nursery and then revisited again in more detail in Reception, to help consolidate learning and explore topics in greater depth. For each theme, we have knowledge organisers which include all the different learning opportunities that could be provided, the key vocabulary we want the children to learn and exciting stories and songs that could be enjoyed at home.

 Nursery Themes

Reception Themes

Nursery Knowledge Organisers

  1. Starting School
  2. Friends and Family
  3. Sensational Senses
  4. Autumn
  5. All About Food
  6. Here We Go!
  7. Winter
  8. Art and Music
  9. Pet Parade
  10. Our Community
  11. Stay Safe
  12. Healthy Habits
  13. Materials and Recycling
  14. Spring
  15. Animals
  16. Summer


Reception Knowledge Organisers


  1. Welcome to School
  2. I Am Amazing
  3. Those Nearest and Dearest
  4. Head to Toe
  5. Autumn
  6. What's on the Menu?
  7. Day and Night, Dark and Light
  8. Winter Weather
  9. On The Move
  10. Safe and Sound
  11. Eco Warriors!
  12. Swing into Spring
  13. Country Farms
  14. Fur and Feathers
  15. Water Wonders
  16. All Around the World


Alongside these themes, we follow all the children’s interests through a play-based approach. The children have continuous access to our indoor and outdoor provision where they can explore, create, think, learn and develop with the support from their teachers. We ensure that caring, nurturing and warm relationships are developed between all members of staff and children so that children feel safe and happy at school.


In Early Years we work hard as a team to form positive relationships with parents and value the importance of this close working partnership. We are fully aware that you know your children best, so we ask for your input at every opportunity! While we follow children’s interests in school, we also understand how you may get up to very exciting things at home that we do not know about. We ask you to share with us any special events, trips, celebrations or just really fun things you have been up to at home, so we can then incorporate these into our planning and ensure your child has the opportunity to pursue this interest/learning opportunity even further! For example, if you get a new pet at home we could provide opportunities in our learning environment for your child to explore and demonstrate their skills with having a pet and how to look after animals, with their friends in school. You can do this by just speaking to a member of staff at school, writing a note in your child’s reading record or by emailing the Early Years staff at - nursery@mostonlane.manchester.sch.uk.