Our children are awarded with a sticker which they proudly display on their 'writing across the curriculum' book.






We use Read Write Inc. Spelling which is an interactive 15-minute-a-day spelling programme with activities to engage all. The children have their own workbook to use during each spelling session and a personal log book to note down any spellings they need to practise more. We encourage our spellers to only focus on the few letters they made an error with rather than the entire word. 

The programme’s core activities teach:

alternative spellings of vowels

  • alternative spellings of consonants
  • homophones
  • the impact of adding prefixes and suffixes to root words
  • how to spell plural nouns
  • ‘silent’ letters
  • unusual letter strings
  • word families 


Click on the links to find out more about spelling expectations and how to help at home. 

Year 1