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Understanding the World


Another specific area of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage is Understanding the World. In this area of learning we begin to expose the children to range of learning opportunities that allow them to explore the world around them and begin to explore many concepts such as seasons and weather, traditions and cultures and how to care for living things. This area of learning is like an introduction to the subjects they will begin in Year 1 like History, Science, Geography and Computing.

Every topic we cover in Early Years encourages the children to be exposed to real life experiences that allow them to learn about the world around them. We feel at Moston Lane these first-hand experiences are vital in enthusing the children about their learning and allowing them to learn through trial and error.

We provide these experiences through local educational visits, hooks for learning and free play activities in the provision areas. To see all the topics and concepts we cover please see the knowledge organisers on the topic page.

Under this area of learning comes the early stages of computing skills where we encourage the children to begin to learn about basic coding and basic computer skills like how to turn on and log on to the computers. We do this by having scheduled visits to the computer suite and opportunities for the children to practise their skills in the provision using laptops, iPad’s or technological toys such as bee-bots.