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Within our PSHE curriculum, we also engage in a programme called 'Stop, Understand, Move On' . This programme is based on six key principles established by Paul McGee that promote wellbeing, positive behaviour, develop creativity and positive thinking in our pupils. The three principles we link to our school are:


Calm Time

‘Calm Time’ is about teaching children that is okay to feel sad sometimes and take time out to deal with it. It’s normal to need some time out where the children can reflect, cool down and respond carefully. However, it’s important that this time is temporary and children do return to class. Calm Time should be encouraged by staff as it provides children with an opportunity to be honest about their feelings, explicitly identify their feelings and bounce back more positively.



Remember the Beach Ball

‘Remember the Beachball’ helps children to develop empathy, understand how others feel and know that it is okay. It helps to build positive relationships as children can see things from other people’s perspectives.


Change Your T-Shirt 

‘Change Your T-Shirt’ is about encouraging children to take responsibility for their actions and controlling how they respond in different situations. We need to encourage children to focus on their actions or next steps.


For more information about the SUMO programme or PSHE at Moston Lane, please refer to our PSHE policy and the curriculum documents below. Please follow the link below to look at expectations and specific 'Programmes of Study' for your child.

SUMO Around Our School

Take a look at our amazing Calm Corners and other relevant SUMO activities.