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Hello, I'm Miss Redpath and this is my second year of being the Art coordinator at Moston Lane Community Primary School. There is no right or wrong in Art and that's why it's one of my favourite subjects to teach. Children get opportunities to develop their resilience by trying new things and being creative. I believe that Art allows children to express themselves and become more confident in their ideas through different mediums. 


 At Moston Lane, we believe that education in art and design stimulates creativity and imagination. Art and design provide children with unique opportunities to develop their intellectual, emotional, physical and social skills. At Moston Lane, our curriculum is designed to give the children lifelong skills and experiences so they can express their creativity in a range of visual forms.


In EYFS, the children will use a variety of media and materials through a combination of child initiated and adult directed activities. They will have opportunities to explore different techniques (texture, movement, colour and patterns) and look at a range of famous artwork.

In Key Stage 1, the children will learn to use a range of different materials to design and make their artwork. They will draw, paint, print and create sculptures (such as mobiles using recycled materials) and learn to implement a range of techniques including the use of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. They will also learn about the work of famous artists, craft makers and designers.

In Key Stage 2, the children will build upon the skills learnt in Key Stage 2 by learning specific drawing, painting, printing and sculpture techniques. Children will also use technology to produce their artworks (e.g. photography). They will record their observations and ideas and use them to review and evaluate their progress. They will learn about great artists, architects and designers in history. They will also discuss the similarities and differences between artists and critically appraise their work.


This art curriculum will be assessed through the pupils’ sketch books (which pass with the child to the next year group), finished pieces, and photographic evidence (which will be saved on the school system). A selection of children’s artwork will be exhibited on displays around the school as well as on the school website. Feedback to parents on ability and attitude will be provided on the child’s annual school report. By the end of their school journey, children will be confident in expressing themselves creatively using a range of media. This will improve children’s social, emotional and physical well-being.

Please follow the link below to view the art policy:

Art Policy


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Below is the ‘Curriculum Map’ and 'Progression of Skills & Knowledge', which outlines the activities and skills that will be taught throughout the year. You can also find a visual overview of each strand of the art curriculum below.

Art and Design Curriculum Overview

Progression of Skills & Knowledge

Craft Club


Miss Finnigan and Miss Carroll have been busy organising an Arts & Craft Club for Year Five. Some of the fun activities they've been up to include rock painting, making suncatchers, painting, planting, baking and jewellery making.

BBC Blue Peter: 'Reading Makes Us Free' Project


Moston Lane was really excited to take part in BBC's Blue Peter's new art project. The task was to design birds and nests inspired by the work of Frederick Douglass and his love of reading. The artwork was then collected by local artist Emma Martin and taken to be installed inside Manchester Central Library. The children who participated have all received VIP Artist Passes to go and visit their work in the library on Saturday 18th May 2024. You can see some of their fantastic work below.

Mayors for Peace


As a school, we took part in the Mayors for Peace annual art competition. The children were asked to draw or paint something which brings them peace. A huge congratulations to everyone who took part and a big well done to the children who had their artwork selected for entry:

Yano - Team 6

Kadiatu - Team 7

Jason and Precious - Team 8

Temi - Team 11

Zion - Team 12

Diana and Ebun - Team 13

Tishe, Anisa and Reagan - Team 14

Dena - Team 15

Texture and Space

Year 5 learnt about texture and space in the run up to Christmas 2023. They used texture to create the appearance of a fluffy teddy bear wearing a winter jumper and used space to draw a snowman from a specific perspective.


Children across the school use their sketchbooks during most of their art lessons. At Moston Lane, we show pupils what sketchbooks can be in the widest sense, and we give permission for pupils to express themselves in any way they want. We create opportunities for pupils to practice sketchbook skills, test things out, make mistakes and reflect on what they have learnt. During our art lessons, we also learn about lots of different artists and use our sketchbook to reflect on them.

Art Club 2023

 Each week, 14 children from across Key Stage Two meet after school to create beautiful pieces of art lead by Miss Redpath. Have a look at what they've been up to below.

Local Artist Project


Stanley Chow

When Year 4 found out they would be drawing portraits in the style of local Manchester artist Stanley Chow, Miss Redpath made contact with Stanley to ask for some top tips. He was kind enough to send us a whole video showing us how to draw portraits! You can watch it below and see the amazing artwork on the Year 4 page soon.

'A View From My Window'


A huge well done to everyone who took part in this competition - the work you sent in was amazing! Three winners were picked from each key stage and you can see their entries below. We also had a parent and staff winner so a huge thank you for getting involved.

'A View From My Window'


Home Learning Art Competition 

Your task is to create a piece of artwork which represents the view from your window. The winner will have their work displayed in school and receive a certificate. There will also be a certificate for the best home entry by a grown-up and for the best staff entry. You can email your entries to: Y5@mostonlane.manchester.sch.uk

The closing date will be Friday 12th February - good luck!

Please click on the documents below for more details and for inspiration:

Competition Information


Local Artwork in the Community


Moston Lane Primary School were chosen to create winter themed artwork to display around the local community in aid of the Christmas community day. Have a look below at their fantastic creations!

Moston Lane’s Amazing Art Exhibition

Moston Lane held an art exhibition to display some of the amazing art work produced by Moston Lane pupils. Every class visited the exhibition in anticipation to see the fabulous artwork. 

After school, parents and carers were invited to come and enjoy the children’s creations. 

It was a successful afternoon and lots of fantastic comments were made about the children’s work such as ‘Outstanding’, 'Astonishing art’, ‘Great art work’ and ‘They look wonderful.’

We definitely have a lot of artists in our school!

Manchester Art Museum


As part of the Year 6 topic on Habitats and Adaptations, they visited the Manchester Museum to take part in various activities. One of these activities included sketching and shading different insects and animals that were on display in them museum. This task allowed the children to include the fine details of the animals shape, skin and markings.

Gallery - image 0
Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2
Gallery - image 3
Gallery - image 4
Gallery - image 5
Gallery - image 6
Gallery - image 7
Gallery - image 8
Gallery - image 9
Gallery - image 10
Gallery - image 11
Gallery - image 12
Gallery - image 13