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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 22.06.20


Friday 26th June 2020


Carry on reading ‘Storm Chasers’ by J.A. Henderson. Log into Oxford Owl by clicking My Class Login and using the whole school MyMaths login. Search for the book and go straight to page 48 to read from chapter 10 until the end. Then, answer the following questions:

  1. What were Team X running from?
  2. Why did Cat decide to throw her rucksack down the stairs?
  3. Where did the Driller hit the Master-bot?
  4. How did Dani feel when Team X returned in chapter 12?
  5. Find and copy one word which means the same as ‘closely together’.


We are continuing with our lessons about measures and today’s lesson is all about solving different measure problems. Click here to get started.

You can also practise your times tables on TT Rockstars or Hit the Button!


Time for the final lesson on persuasive writing - your task today is to write a persuasive rap! To complete this lesson, click here.


We are still learning all about Hinduism! Did you know Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religions? Head over to BBC Bitesize to read more about what Hindus believe, where they worship, different deities and holy books. There is a video and even a quiz at the end if you feel like testing yourself!

Your task, once you’ve read the information, is to make a poster about Hinduism. What fun facts can you include? Don’t forget to make it eye-catching and colourful!

Daily exercise

Join in with the Just Dance routine ‘High Hopes’.

Don’t forget to email us some of your fantastic work from this week - we love hearing from you! Have a brilliant weekend everyone.

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes xx

Thursday 25th June 2020


Carry on reading ‘Storm Chasers’ by J.A. Henderson. Log into Oxford Owl by click My Class Login and using the whole school MyMaths login. Search for the book and go straight to page 39 to read chapters 8 and 9. Then, answer the following questions. 

  1. How did they manage to slide under the door?
  2. Find and copy a word which means the same as carefully.
  3. On page 43, why did the children’s eyes widen?
  4. Look in the dictionary and find the definition for the word ‘dismissively’.
  5. How do you think the Collector felt when he was swallowed by the maelstrom?


Let’s continue learning about converting between units of measurement. Today you will learn about capacity and mass


Carry on learning about persuasive writing on the Oak Academy and complete lesson 4. In this lesson, you will learn about the imperative and modal verbs. Remember to pause the video when needed and to complete the activities on a piece of paper.


Who loves pizza? I do! Click on this link for a pizza recipe. You may not have all the ingredients in your house so do not worry if you cannot do this today. Make a list of the ingredients that you will need and ask your adult kindly if they could buy them next time they go shopping. This is a recipe for a vegetarian pizza, but you can be as creative as you want and add some more toppings if you wish!

This activity will require adult supervision at all times. Make sure you are being safe while in the kitchen. Enjoy!  

Daily exercise

Get moving with Rebecca Louise on Youtube. She has some cute furry friends too! 

Enjoy the lovely weather. Remember to wear sun cream if you are outside and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Take care and stay safe everyone!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Wednesday 24th June 2020


Let’s continue with our story ‘Storm Chasers’ by J.A. Henderson. Log into Oxford Owl by clicking My Class Login and using the whole school MyMaths login, search for the book and go straight to page 34 to read chapters 6 and 7. Then answer the following questions:

  1. Find and copy one word which means the same as ‘frustrated’.
  2. How did Dani feel when the others returned?
  3. Where was the Driller located?
  4. Find and copy one word which means the same as ‘isolated’.
  5. Why did Tiger volunteer himself to go on the mission?


We are continuing with converting measures - today it’s cm to m! Click here to start today’s lesson.


Our next lesson for persuasive writing is all about identifying the features of a text. Start the lesson by clicking here. Take the quiz, watch the video lesson and complete the questions at the end.


Summer is here which means it’s the perfect time to eat ice cream! Your job today is to learn how to order an ice cream in French.

Open the short PowerPoint which will teach you how to write it and then log on to Purple Mash and complete the 2do ‘Ice Cream’ - draw and write your favourite ice cream in French using the caption box.

Daily exercise

Take some time to relax with this Animal Yoga routine. It’s only 5 minutes long and will allow your body to stretch after a long day.

Keep being amazing! We are super proud of you.

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes xx

Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Carry on learning about persuasive writing on the Oak Academy. Start by completing the quiz. Then, watch the video and pause when the teacher asks you to. Today you will look at a WAGOLL called ‘One Small Change’ and you will learn how to summarise.


Today you will expand your knowledge of units of measurement with Lesson 2 ‘Converting between mm and cm’. We learnt how to do this before, so let’s see how much you can remember! 


What if there is life on another planet? What would it be like to live there? In this lesson, you will become an astronaut working for NASA and you will be sent on a mission into Space to find out if there is life out there! Good luck! 


We have already learnt about the digestive system and how our teeth have different functions. But what happens in our stomach?

The stomach is an important organ in the digestive system. After food has been chewed in the mouth and swallowed, it enters the stomach via the oesophagus. Watch this short clip to see what happens to the food we eat.

After watching the clip, read the short description underneath it. There are a few tricky words! Try to remember them and then check your knowledge by completing the interactive activity and the quiz at the bottom of the page.

Daily exercise

Get ready to go on a scavenger hunt fitness quest around your house. You will have 30 seconds to touch as many of the three objects you can, scoring 1 point per item. Your total possible score is 30. Let’s see how many points you can get! Only power walking is allowed! Make sure you are being safe and sensible! 

Don’t forget to send us your favourite piece of work at We can’t wait to hear from you.

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Monday 22nd June 2020

We hope you had a lovely weekend! Let’s start off with some happy news.

Why don’t you have a go at one of the non-screen activities this week?


Our new block of learning is all about persuasive writing. To begin, you need to complete the reading comprehension lesson all about fact retrieval. Click here to get started. Don’t forget to pause the video when it says!


Time to learn about different measures and money problems! Lesson 1 is about choosing appropriate measures for different weights, lengths and capacities. Click here to begin the lesson.


Watch the short animation, ‘The Wishgranter’, all about a mythical creature who lives under a wishing well.

Your task is to write a letter to the Wishgranter and tell him your most important wish. Make sure you explain why it is important to you! Maybe one day it will come true...


How did the ancient Egyptians mummify people? Find out by watching this Horrible Histories song ‘Making a Mummy’ - you might want to take notes!

After watching the video, your activity is to write a set of instructions called ‘How to Make a Mummy’ - we can’t wait to read them!  

Daily exercise

Are you ready to become a member of the Danger Force? Run, jump and collect gumballs to show them that you belong on the team! Get started by clicking here.

Have a good Monday everyone. We miss you lots!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes xx


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