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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

WB. 27.04.20


Friday 1st May 2020


Did you know today is National Space Day? You are going to watch the video ‘Solar System 101’ from National Geographic and answer the following questions:

  1. Where is the solar system located?
  2. What are the names of the eight planets?
  3. Which is the smallest planet?
  4. How many years ago might Mars have had life living on it?
  5. Which is your favourite planet? Why? 


Log on to The Maths Factor and continue with your 30 day challenge.

If you don’t have a log in, head over to BBC bitesize and complete the daily maths lesson.

Keep practising your times tables!


Yesterday was Colonel Tom Moore’s 100th birthday! He has recently raised 30 million pounds for the NHS by walking laps of his garden - how amazing! You can find out more about him by watching this clip. Everyone has been saying a huge thank you to him for the incredible, inspirational fundraising he has been doing.

We would like you to write a thank you letter to someone who has inspired you recently or made a difference to you - it could be a family member, friend, neighbour or teacher. Anyone you like! If you’d like, you can send in your letter to our email address so we can read it.


We are going to continue learning about the ancient Egyptians by looking at their way of life and the food and drinks they would enjoy. You need to read all the information and pretend you have just opened an ancient Egyptian restaurant or café. You are going to write a menu for it including all the food and drinks someone would be able to enjoy! You could even include some facts about how the food is sourced if you feel like challenging yourself...

 Another fun thing you can do at home, with your adult’s permission, is bake some Egyptian flatbread! You only need a few ingredients to make this ancient snack. The recipe is here.

Daily exercise

Learn the dance routine ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from the Disney film Moana.

 Have a brilliant Friday everyone - you are being stars throughout all of this! Keep sending in your fantastic work! 

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes x 

Thursday 30th April 2020


Read chapter three of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Heart’ and answer the following questions:

  1. What was the Princess famous for?
  2. Why did Aventurine snort when Silke said ‘I work at the Chocolate Heart, whose fabulous and one-of-a-king chocolate saved our whole city from the dragons’ rage’?
  3. How can you tell Silke was proud of herself and her story?
  4. How did Silke know that Aventurine was about to shift bodies?
  5. What do you think the crown princess’s soldiers are going to say to Silke?

⭐Did you know that you can hear your favourite books for FREE on

Before all of this, Team 9 really enjoyed reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone together as a class! You could continue listening to this amazing story from your home. Remember to get comfy, maybe get a hot drink and just enjoy! If you are in Team 9, we stopped at chapter 5! 

If you are in Team 10, you can continue listening to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You can start from the beginning if you want, or carry on from chapter 3 where you stopped reading with Miss Redpath.⭐



Continue with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor.

If you still haven’t got your log in details, check BBC Bitesize’s daily maths lesson.



‘A letter to my future self’

Write a letter to yourself in 10 years time, tell yourself about all of the things you want to remember from the age you are now. It could be: important memories, funny things, the dreams and goals you have right now, what’s important in your life right now. Tell it all.

Don’t forget to log on to




Watch this tutorial about how to draw a lifelike self-portrait. When you finish watching the video, start it again, pause it as you go along and follow the different steps to draw yourself. If you prefer, you can also draw some else in your family!


Daily exercise 

The floor is lava! Can you complete this lava challenge? Watch the video and follow the instructions.


Keep up to good work everyone! And remember, ‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end!” 

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Continue with our story extract by reading chapter two of The Girl with the Dragon Heart’ and answer the following questions:

  1. Where was the Chocolate Heart?
  2. Was the city clean? Explain your answer using evidence.
  3. What did Marina need?
  4. How did Silke feel if ‘goosebumps prickled’ her arm?
  5. Find and copy one word that means the same as ‘angry’.


Log on to The Maths Factor and continue with the 30 day challenge.

If your log in hasn’t arrived, head over to BBC bitesize and complete today’s daily maths lesson.


Watch the animated story ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’. In this story, the three objects from the game come to life as different characters. After watching the story, we want you to re-tell the story from the perspective of each character. Think about the different feelings and actions of all three characters to help you. 


The River Nile is a very significant part of Egypt. Most Egyptians lived near the Nile as it provided water, food, transportation and excellent soil for growing food. You are going to make a poster all about the River Nile on Purple Mash! You will need to read the information from National Geographic and you can even watch the video ‘The Gift of the Nile’ by The Singing History Teachers to help you.   

Daily exercise

Let’s catch up with the KS2 Sporty Spelling challenge! Here are the challenges for todayyesterday and Monday.


Keep being the best you can be everyone! You’re doing a great job and we are really proud of you.

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x


Tuesday 28th April 2020


'The Girl with the Dragon Heart' is the story of Silke, a little girl who lived in a beautiful city famous for chocolate and protected by dragons. Silke is a brave and fearless girl who is about to tell the greatest story of all: the truth. Read chapter one of this exciting story and answer the following questions:

  1. What was Silke’s favourite dessert?
  2. Where was Aventurine?
  3. Look up the word ‘anguish’ in the dictionary and write its definition.
  4. What were Aventurine’s new-found powers?
  5. Why does Silke have to be back by one?  


Continue with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor.

If you still haven’t got your login details, try the game Defenders of Mathematica.


Watch this animated short film called ‘The Catch’.

Today, you are going to write Haiku Poem. Watch this video to learn how to write a Haiku Poem. 

Still struggling with syllables? Clap It Out with the Blazer Fresh on GoNoodle.

Now, think about the story you’ve just watched and write a Haiku poem about it.


Remember the Haiku syllable rules:

First line: 5 syllables

Second line: 7 syllables

Third line: 5 syllables


Here’s an example and a template you could use for your poem.

When you are done, you can have a go at this word search for a bit of fun!


Don’t forget to log on to and carry on with your spag tests.


Choose one of these Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorials and complete one of the projects. This is a great way to learn how to code having fun!

Daily exercise

Time to get moving!

Start with a warm-up. Now that you are warm, follow this video to get even stronger!

Time to cool down with this flow.


We are so proud of you and love receiving all your amazing work. What work are you going to send us today? We can’t wait to hear from you at

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Monday 27th April 2020

Let’s kick the week off with some happy news about a dog that responds to Harry Potter spells! Speaking of happy news... did you see the special video message that we made for all of our amazing Moston Lane pupils? We hope you enjoyed watching it! We have also made a photo gallery of all our fantastic work at the bottom of this page - can you spot your work?


Read the story ‘Staying Home’ by Sally Nicholls all about a raccoon family living in lockdown and answer the questions below. We hope you like the cute illustrations!

  1. What work did Emily have to do from school?
  2. How do they speak to Granny?
  3. Why did they wash their hands when they got home?
  4. Find and copy one word that means the same as ‘important’.
  5. When will the raccoon family stop staying at home? 


Continue with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor if your log in is working! Remember - they are taking a little while to be sent out if you haven’t got yours yet but it will arrive very soon.

In the meantime, you can head over to BBC bitesize to complete their daily maths lessons and don’t forget to keep practising all of your times tables!


Watch this video featuring Greg James and Chris Smith, authors of the book series Kid Normal, talk about how to write a superhero story. Your challenge is to write a new, exciting superhero story! What powers will your hero have? Who will be the villain? You decide!


Following on from the writing theme of superheroes, we want you to think about friends. In the book, superhero friends work together to defeat villains. You are going to imagine that you are starting a new superhero team - think about one friend you’d like to help you and complete the activities thinking about what is special about them. Once you’ve done this, decide on three promises you can make on how to be kind to yourself and others.

Daily exercise

Get your body moving with this dance routine from GoNoodle. Have fun!


Have a super day and keep up the hard work everyone - you’re all being so brilliant.  We’re loving seeing all the super work you’re sending in - it makes us smile!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x


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