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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 04.05.20


Thursday 7th May 2020


Read chapter four of ‘The Chocolate Factory Ghost’ and answer the following questions:

  1. What was the name of the dog?
  2. Why did the dog get so excited when he saw Archie?
  3. How did Archie feel about having a butler?
  4. What did Fliss mean when he said “completely bonkers”?
  5. Find and copy one word which means the same as ‘floated’.


Keep going with your 30 day challenge on The Maths Factor or complete the daily maths lesson from BBC bitesize.

Practise your times tables with TT Rockstars or Daily 10!


Did you know tomorrow is VE day? This is a day which marks the end of fighting in Europe and the end of World War Two. You can watch a short clip showing the celebrations here. Your task is to write a diary entry as if you were one of the people celebrating - how did you feel? What were you happy about? What were you looking forward to?


We have already mentioned that our local artist for this half term is Stanley Chow. Most of you have even had a go at drawing in his style! We would like you to watch the clip and read the article about Stanley Chow and then complete the artist fact file on Purple Mash by logging on and checking your 2dos.

Daily exercise

Have a go at the whole body 7 minute workout - maybe you could ask someone in your family to join in with you?


Have a lovely day everyone - keep smiling and stay positive. We miss seeing your smiley faces!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Read chapters two and three of ‘The Chocolate Factory Ghost’ and answer the following questions:

  1. What was Archie’s reaction when he found out he was ‘the heir’? Explain your answer using evidence from the text.
  2. What was behind the first door Archie tried to open?
  3. Why did Archie think he might have stepped into a different world?
  4. What did Archie think of Fliss when he first met her.
  5. Why did Fliss think it was unfair that Archie inherited the place? 


Continue with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor

 Another option is to complete the daily maths lessons on BBC bitesize.

Practise your times tables with the game ‘Hit the Hutton’ on Topmarks. 


A new adventure begins… You are a brave, intrepid explorer on an adventure through five fantastic maze worlds. Collect the crystal shards as you go, unlocking the challenges and using your knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling to solve the fiendish puzzles. Can you work your way through the levels to unlock golden crystals in every level and topic, and stop Salty Dan (the baddie) in his tracks?

To start playing, choose your character and click on ‘free play’.

Don’t forget to log on to


Music is all around us. You don’t need an instrument when you can just find one in the kitchen! Today you can learn how to play kitchen instruments, drum out basic paradiddles and form a rhythm band by watching this video. Ask your adults and/or siblings to join! The more the merrier! You will need some chopsticks or wooden spoons. 

Daily exercise

Learn this dance routine with Oti Mabuse & Marius Lepure. It’s a step-by-step dance class for the whole family on the famous Shrek song ‘Now I’m a believer’. 


You are all super stars! Keep it up Year 4. ⭐

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Read chapter one of ‘The Chocolate Factory Ghost’ and answer the following questions:

  1. Why did Archie keep looking at the portrait of the old man?
  2. What did Archibald McBudge invent?
  3. Where were Archie and his Mum during the meeting?
  4. How did Archie feel about what Mr Tatters told him? Explain using evidence.
  5. Find and copy one word that means the same as ‘anxiously’.


Keep going with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor! If you log in still hasn’t arrived, you can always find daily maths lessons over at BBC bitesize.

Practise your times tables with the ‘Super Maths Bowling’ game - answer the question correctly to knock down the pins!


Watch the short animation ‘Don’t Go’ - it’s a story all about a family cat who is enjoying a relaxing morning at home, snoozing on the sofa, tucking into his dinner - when his peace is shattered by an unusual visitor!

Once you have watched the video, you need to write a set of instructions on ‘How to avoid being captured by a cat?’ Think about who your audience is!


This half term, our R.E will focus on Hinduism. A special celebration in this religion is ‘Diwali’ which is the festival of light. To get started, watch this Newsround clip all about Diwali and read the information. You could even take the quiz too.

You then need to design a poster about Diwali showcasing the information that you have learnt. If you’re feeling like a challenge, have a go at the Diwali crossword!

Daily exercise

Try the ‘Black Panther workout’ and get moving like a hero!

Afterwards, have a go at the ‘Yoga for Kids’ routine.


Thank you for working so hard Year 4!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x

Monday 4th May 2020

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s start the week with some happy news on Newsround! 


Listen to ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ on Story Online and answer the following questions.

1. Mrs Rabbit told the four little rabbits not to …

  • get dirty
  • play with the Puddle-Ducks
  • go to Mr Macgregor’s garden

2. Write three naughty things that Peter did.

3. How do you think Peter felt when Mr Mc Macgregor ran after him?

4. How would you describe Peter’s personality?

5. Why did Peter begin to cry when the mouse shook her head at him?


Continue with your 30 day maths challenge on The Maths Factor.

Practise your times tables with this fun game called Tommy’s Trek Times Tables. Click on 'how to play' to learn the different commands. Then, click on start game, choose ALL the times tables from 2 to 12, choose your level of difficulty (challenge yourself) and select your world. Have fun!


Watch the clip ‘Broken: rock, paper, scissors’ from Literacy Shed. As you are watching it, write down on a piece of paper all the emotions you see the characters experiencing throughout the short story. Or just tick the emotions on this worksheet as you watch it.

When you are done watching, write Rock’s last diary entry. Imagine that Rock recounted his last day just as he crumbled to pieces in the act of saving Paper. Write his diary entry using the emotions you have selected to help you.

You can also choose to create a comic strip of the story instead of/ as well as the diary entry.

 Don’t forget to log on to


Can you find different food chains in a savannah habitat? First, find a producer – a plant that make its own food from sunlight. Next, find a consumer that eats the producer. Then, find another consumer that eats meat.

Put your knowledge of food chains to the test – explore the interactive scene, build your own food chain and watch films about all the animals and plants from the BBC archive.

Daily exercise

What do humans need to stay healthy? Watch this clip on BBC bitesize to find out! 

As well as eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep and having a good hygiene, exercise is really important for our bodies to stay healthy! This is why we always have a daily exercise section on our website!

Now that you know this, join this Les Mills ‘Born to Move’ class. Have fun!


Keep up the good work everyone. We are so proud of you all!

And don’t forget to check the gallery! So many of you have been sending us some amazing work! If you want your work to be on there next week, just send it to us at .

We miss you!

Miss Redpath and Miss Fuentes :) x


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