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A special message from Miss Rowland...

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Year 2 Stars of the Week!

This week our stars are every single one of you!

A huge well done to you superstars!!!

Miss Howes and Miss Rowland


Dorothy Spring You Are Amazing Lovely Rainbow Inspirational Wall ...

Friday 17th July 2020

Good morning guys! Today is the last day of Year 2 for all of you and although it feels strange that we are not in school to say goodbye to each other, we would like to say a HUGE well done to you all. We wish that we could give you all a massive hug before you go and enjoy your summer holidays. You have all worked so hard this year and you have made us feel so proud.

We have been so impressed with your home learning activities each week that it has been so difficult to choose our Stars of the Week so this week our stars are every single one of you!

Thank you all for making us smile and laugh every single day this year. We have loved every moment of Year 2 with you all and already can’t wait to see you all in September.

We hope that you, your grown ups and your families have a fantastic (well-deserved) summer break!

Love from Miss Howes, Miss Rowland, Miss Mullett and Miss Higgins



Read, relax and enjoy this story all about a little boys summer holiday adventure:

We hope all of you have an AMAZING summer holiday and do lots of exciting things! In your home learning journal write some sentences or draw some pictures about what you would like to do over the summer holidays.

Miss Rowland and Miss Howes would like to:

  • Read lots of books
  • Have a BBQ
  • Get lots of rest
  • Visit family
  • Enjoy the sunshine (If there is any!)



Write a letter to your new teacher to tell them about yourself. Remember to include:

  • Your name and age
  • What you are looking forward to
  • What you are worried about
  • What you would like to learn about
  • What you would like to become better at



Follow the link to break our code and find out our secret message to you!



Create a Thank You card for your grown up to thank them for becoming your teacher this year! Write a little note inside to tell them how special they are.

Thursday 16th July 2020


Read the poem ‘Memories’.

  1. How does this poem make you feel?
  2. What are your best memories from this school year?



Draw a bag in your home learning journal and write down five worries that you may have on the inside of the bag.

On the outside of the bag write down five things that you are looking forward to.

Have a look at our example to help you.



Refresh your memories and practise telling the time with today’s maths lesson:



Follow the link to today’s PSHE lesson ‘My Lockdown Feelings’:


Wednesday 15th July 2020


Using a dictionary or Word Hippo: explore and write down the meaning of these words in your home learning journal:






Watch the video all about Chester Zoo: and look out for the key words you found the meaning for.



Listen to this poem and write down all of the words that rhyme in your home learning journal.

Today we are going to think about our own poem about animals. Watch parts of this clip (it’s quite long so you don’t have to watch it all) and write down all of the animals that you know.

Think of words that rhyme with the animals that you have written down and try and make your own poem i.e.

Don’t feed the camels


Or the hippos


Remember that the sloths

do not like moths,

and that wombats

absolutely hate hats.



Become a football star and play this game. How far can you get?



Watch this video:

Think about someone that you love but who you have not been able to see or hug for a while. i.e. a teacher, friend, grandparent.

What have you done to keep in touch with them?

Think of all the activities that hedgehog and tortoise did in the story and complete one of them for the person you miss and love.

Ideas you could use:

  • A letter to a friend
  • A painting for a grandparent
  • Film yourself dancing and send in to a loved one to cheer them up
  • Sing a song with someone you care about

Tuesday 14th July 2020


Before you listen to the story have a look at the front cover and try and predict what you think this story might be about:

Find a comfy spot and listen to this lovely story:

  1. Did Leon believe in magic at the start of this story?
  2. What magic did Leon see?
  3. Where did the door lead to?
  4. How do you think Leon felt when he went into the box?
  5. Did Leon believe in magic at the end of the story?



Have a look at some of these ‘What am I?’ riddles and try and guess what animal they are about.

I am a snowman’s nose,

And a reindeer’s Christmas Eve treat.

I’m good to eat, but crunchy when raw;

Bugs Bunny’s favourite.

What am I?



My transport is a boat.

My teeth are often crooked or missing.

I love jewels and gold.

My pet is a parrot.

What am I?


I am part of a bird but I always stay dry.

I fly over land following the bird wherever it goes.

I can fly across the oceans and never get wet.

I can change shape and size.

I can change from dark to pale.

You can’t catch me or touch me.

What am I?


Click here for the answers!

Now have a go at creating your own riddles to keep people entertained whilst they queue for rides. Remember to think about your object:

  • Sounds like
  • Looks like
  • Tastes like
  • Where you can find it



Follow the link to today's worksheet. 


Topic D&T

As this is the final day designing our theme park, today we would like you to use equipment available in your house (e.g. cardboard, Lego, building blocks, papier mache), to create a model of your park. This could be all of your park or just a section of it (e.g. create one rollercoaster). 


We hope you've had fun designing your theme park over the last week! We can't wait to see what you have come up with so don't forget to send your work to!


Monday 13th July 2020


Follow the link and read a review of a theme park. Remember to ask an adult for help if you are struggling!



Today we are going to add animals to our theme park. Think about what animal you would like to have at your park and create a non-chronological report. Make sure you include:

  • What the animal looks like
  • How you would look after it
  • Where it lives

Follow the link to our non-chronological report to help give you some ideas of what to include.



Watch this video to remind yourself about positional language:

Look at this theme park map. Give instructions to explain how to get from one ride to another. Remember to use positional language.

Answer the questions below and try to use these words right, left, behind, next to, above, below.

  1. How would I travel from Nemasis to Galatica?
  2. How would I travel from Galatica to the The Gloomy Wood?
  3. How would I travel from The Gloomy Wood to The Gardens?
  4. How would I travel from The Gloomy Wood to Mutiny Bay?
  5. How would I travel from Mutiny Bay to The Smiler?


Topic D&T

Design a uniform that all your staff will be wearing whilst they work at your park. Label the materials and think about the weather where your park will be built – what would be suitable clothing?


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