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W.B. 15.06.2020


Our Year 1 Stars of the Week!

Twinkle Stars Gif GIFs | Tenor

This week our stars of the week are Thandi and Faheemah.


Thandi and Faheemah have both worked really hard at home this week. We have loved seeing the fantastic work that you have been doing! 

Well done Thandi and Faheemah, keep working hard!

Thank you to all of the children who have sent in your work this week. We really enjoy seeing your work and the things you are achieving from home. Well done!

Miss Upton & Miss Potter x


Friday 19th June

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To finish the week, today we would like you to grab a book, get comfy and enjoy the story. Email us the name of your book and why you chose it. 

Reading Quotes For Kids Simple Best 25 Reading Quotes Kids Ideas ...


It's time to get sporty! 

File:Man Doing Warm Up Exercise Cartoon.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Sound out the words in the table below using your phonics knowledge and spell them out using the 'Sporty Spellings'.

Mrs Shanley Mrs Hussain Miss Potter Miss Upton














Sporty Spellings



It's 'Big Write' day! This means we would like you to have a go at doing your writing independently.

Travellers' Times Big Creative Writing & Poetry Competition ...This week, we have looked at where penguins and tigers live and how they are similar or different. During the week, you have described the places where the animals live and thought about questions that they might ask each other. Today, we would like you to write speech bubbles pretending to be the penguin and the tiger. You need to describe the places where they live and what the other animal could do if they visited each other. 

Walking GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Tiger Yawn GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Speech Bubble Template


Remember to; 

use capital letters and full stops 

leave a finger space between every word 

use adjectives 

use conjunctions 

include a question and use a question mark

use exclamation marks



Counting — Workshops — Moms Who Math

Today is 'Problem Solving Friday'. Have a go at solving the Maths problem below. If you are finding it tricky, email and we will help you. Good Luck!

Solve one-step problems that involve addition and subtraction ...



You have been working so hard this term looking at the different groups of animals. Today, we are going to be looking at what different animals eat. 

Herbivores, Carnivores And Omnivores - Lessons - Tes Teach

First, log on to 'Espresso' and read the animal fact file. If you need the login details, please email to let us know and we can provide you with them.

Once you have read the fact file, log on to 'Purple Mash' to complete the 'Animal Quiz'. 


You have all worked so hard this week and we are so impressed with the work that has been sent to us. Well done Year 1! 

We are really looking forward to seeing some of you at school again next week. Home Learning will continue to be uploaded daily for those children who are not attending school. If you have any questions or problems, you will still be able to reach us on the Year 1 email address at the top of the page. 

We hope you have a fabulous weekend and remember to do something fun!

Miss Upton & Miss Potter 



Thursday 18th June 


Listen to 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. We really like this story so we hope that you enjoy it too! 

The Smartest Giant in Town: Donaldson, Julia ...

Once you have finished the story, choose one of the characters that George helped and write a thank you letter to George, pretending to be your chosen character. Remember to start the letter off with 'To George' and finish your letter with 'From...'.



Log on to 'Education City' and practise your Phase 4 sounds. Remember we can blend these sounds together. 



Today we would like you to pretend to be the tiger and write 3 sentences to describe where you live. Remember that the penguin has never visited Asia before and would like to know what it is like to live there. You are writing a description so remember to use adjectives in your work. As a challenge, see if you can include a conjunction. 

Tiger Cartoon | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD



Starter - Log on to 'MyMaths' and complete the task that has been set for you. If you have any trouble logging on, email and we can provide you with login details. 

Main - Visit BBC Bitesize to complete today's activity. Watch the video 'Making Equal Groups' to remind you what it is that you need to do before completing Activity 1. 

Grouping - Making Equal Groups - Year 1 | Teaching Resources



Log on to Purple Mash and have a go at the typing activities. The activities are all about finding keys on the keyboard with your left hand. This might feel strange and tricky at first but you will soon get used to it. Email us to let us know your high score once you have completed all the tasks!

Library of clipart free library typing png files ▻▻▻ Clipart ...


Wednesday 17th June


Today we would like you to read the story 'The Big Carrot'. Once you have read the story, write down 5 different words to describe the carrot. 

The Big Carrot (With images) | Oxford reading tree, The big carrot ... 


Look at the picture and write the missing words. For this picture you need to think about the Phase 4 initial and end consonant blends. 


Pretend you are the penguin and write 3 sentences to describe where you live. Remember, the tiger has never visited Antarctica before and would like to know what it is like to live there and what there is to do. Include adjectives and conjunctions in your sentences.

Watch the video to remind yourself what conjunctions are and how to use them in your writing -



Starter Activity – Number diving – practise your 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

Use the mouse to control where the fish goes.

Main Activity – Complete the lesson 'Make Equal Groups (Sharing)' on BBC Bitesize. Watch the video and complete the activities. If you need any help email us! - 

National Curriculum - Number: addition, subtraction ...


Find the beat – watch and listen to the video and try the different actions whilst keeping in time with the beat. 

music | PAMIS

Take pictures and send them to us for our music page.


Tuesday 16th June 


Today we would like you to log into Oxford Owl and read 'Toads in the Road'. Click on the picture below to go straight to the story. Look at the front cover and predict what you think it might be about. Read it and see if your prediction was correct.Oxford Reading Tree: Level 3: Floppy's Phonics Fiction: Toads in ... 


Look at the picture and write the missing words. For this picture you need to think about the Phase 4 consonant blends. 


This week in writing you will be doing speech bubbles pretending to be a tiger and a penguin. You will be thinking about where they live so they can tell each other what it is like to live where they do.

Walking GIF - Find & Share on GIPHYTiger Yawn GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Today, think about questions that the tiger and penguin would like to ask each other about where they live. Write 3 questions they might ask each other. Remember to end your question with a question mark. 



Starter Activity– Login on Education City – Complete the Multiplication activity you have been set.

Main Activity – Go to BBC Bitesize and complete the lesson 'Make doubles'. Watch the video and complete the activities.


Design and Technology:

Last week you designed your own healthy smoothie. Today we would like you to make your smoothie if it is possible. Only make the smoothie if you have a grown up that can help you, do not make it on your own. Remember to think about how you can work safely and hygienically. 

How to Make a Smoothie - Ultimate Free Guide to Making Smoothies ...

If you are unable to make your smoothie, watch the link of how to make a smoothie 


Good morning Year 1!

We hope you had a lovely weekend and that you got to do some things that you love. 

We can't wait to see the amazing work you send to us this week. 

Keep it up, we're all very proud of you!

Miss Upton & Miss Potter 

222 Best Virtual School Inspiration images | Quotes, Virtual ...


Monday 15th June


Today, we would like you to log on to 'Oxford Owl' and find the story 'The King and his Wish'

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales: Level 2: The King and His ...

Have a go at reading the story using your phonics to sound out any words you don't know. Once you have finished reading, answer the questions below:

  1. What did the King wish to do?
  2. What colour was the King's box?
  3. What happened to the King?
  4. What was the King trying to reach? 

If you are having problems logging on to Oxford Owl, please email and we will help. 



Find the missing words. These sounds are Phase 4 sounds so remember that the sound may be at the start of the word or the end of a word. 



This week in Writing, we will be looking at two different habitats for animals. Take a look at the pictures below and write as many adjectives as you can think of to describe them both.

Cruises to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands & Patagonia | HurtigrutenJungle Ventures hits $175M first close on its third fund for ...

Challenge: What animals do you think live in these places?



Starter - Log on to 'Espresso' and complete the activity 'Groups of 2'. If you are having problems logging on, email us and we will provide you with the details. 

Main Activity - Go to 'BBC Bitesize' to complete the lesson 'Arrays'. Watch the video to remind you of what you need to do and then practise by completing Activity 1. When you feel confident, have a go at Activity 2. 

This is tricky work so if you need any help understanding what to do, email and we will help you. 



Visit Google Earth to find Asia and Antarctica on the globe. Research these places to find out some facts. You might think about what you can see if you visit these places, what the weather is like, are they similar or different?

Write down some of the facts that you find out about each place and a sentence to describe how they are similar or different.