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W.B. 08.06.20

Friday 12th June 

Smile it's Friday! Black Text Design with Happy Smiley Face - Its ...


Get comfortable and listen to Tom Fletcher read ‘There is a monster in my book’. We hope you enjoy it!


KS1 Sporty Spellings – Tricky Words

Kids Stretching GIF by PlayKids - Find & Share on GIPHY

Use the following words to create a Friday workout!

  • jam
  • wax
  • click
  • clear
  • hair



The 'Big Write' | MLG Gazettes

It's time for your 'Big Write'! This week you have been using the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' for your writing. Today we would like you to write a letter to Grandma pretending you are the little girl Sophie. Re-read the WAGOLL from yesterday before you start your writing. 

Remember to;

  • use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops
  • include adjectives and conjunctions
  • try to use an exclamation mark and a question mark in your letter

Send your writing to



Starter Activity – practise your 5 times tables

Main Activity – Complete the maths challenge below.

Religious Education:

The Creation Story

Orthodox Images - Other Feastal Scenes

Christians believe that the world and everything in it was planned and created by God - nothing was an accident. Watch the video of 'The Creation Story' to find out how Christians believe the world was made.

Once you have listened to the story, retell the story. If you have access to a printer you could use the worksheet attached to retell the ‘The Creation Story’.

Thursday 11th June 

Typographic 'Never Give Up' Illustration - Download Free Vectors ...


Today we would like you to read the non-fiction book 'Who Eats Who?' on Oxford Owl.

Click on the link above to go straight to the correct page and then answer the questions below.

Who Eats Who?

Remember to email us if you can't remember to login details!

  1. What is a food chain?
  2. What is a herbivore?
  3. Where do food chains happen?
  4. What is a predator?
  5. Are all humans omnivores?



Look at the sounds and write in the missing words. 


Remember when we are writing a letter it needs to start with ‘Dear…’ and end with ‘from…’

Read the WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like).


You might want to describe the tiger to your Grandma in the letter. How might you describe him? Write a list of adjectives to describe the tiger and then put them into 2 sentences. Don’t forget, he isn’t an ordinary tiger!



Starter – Play Hit the button and choose whether you want to practise your 2, 5 or 10 times tables -

Main Activity – BBC Bitesize – Lesson 4 – Add equal groups - Watch the video and then complete the tasks. 

Year 1: Adding Equal Groups - Multiplication - Bangkok Patana School



Watch the video and then think about the things that make you happy. Draw a picture of yourself and then draw pictures of what makes you happy around yourself. Label the pictures with words.

Wednesday 10th June 

Motivatinggiraffe's story. : Motivatinggiraffe


Log on to 'Oxford Owl' and read the book 'Perfect Pets'. Have a look at the contents page at the start of the book and choose 3 pets that you would like to read about. Turn to the pages to read about them.

Oxford Reading Tree inFact: Level 6: Perfect Pets (Book) on OnBuy

Once you have read about your 3 chosen pets, choose your favourite pet and write 3 interesting facts about them that you have learnt from the book. 


Look at the picture below and write all the missing words. Remember - the sounds give you a clue if you are stuck!


Today, we would like you to think about the main events of the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. If you need to, you can listen to the story again to help you remember. 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Kerr, Judith, Kerr ...

Pretending you are the little girl, draw a story 'S' plan to help you remember the main events. This will help you when you have to write your letter on Friday. 

Draw a picture for each part and you could even add key words and phrases to your plan as well! 

Look a look at the WAGOLL below to give you an idea on how to start your 'S' plan. 


Starter - Get your Maths brain warmed up by listening to and joining in with the '10 Times Table Song'

Main Activity - Go to BBC Bitesize to complete Lesson 3 - Counting in 10s.

You are all really good at counting in your 10s so this is a recap of what you know!

Count 10-100 | Count by 10 Song | The Singing Walrus - YouTube

Watch the video and complete Activity 1. If you would like a challenge, complete Activity 2!


Design & Technology:

Last week, we looked at the importance of hygiene and staying safe in the kitchen, especially when making and cooking food! You created some amazing posters! 

This week, we want you to design your own healthy smoothie. Choose 4 different fruits or vegetables you would like in your healthy smoothie. Draw pictures of the ingredients you would like in a smoothie glass and label them. Think carefully about whether you would like your smoothie to taste sweet, sour or savory. Then, write a sentence explaining why you have chosen your ingredients. 

7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Are Easy To Make | Well Humans

You can use the sheet below to help you with your design if you would like to, or you can draw your own smoothie glass with your chosen ingredients. 

My Healthy Smoothie Design

Tuesday 9th June 

Year Six - Good Luck messages | Manor Infants Longbridge


Log on to Oxford Owl and read the story 'Zoom Out'. Remember, you are reading non-fiction books this week so everything you read will be fact! 

Oxford Reading Tree inFact: Level 6: Zoom Out! : Ben Hubbard ...

Once you have finished reading the book, turn to the glossary at the back. A glossary is a section of the book where you will find a list of words and their meanings. 

Use the glossary to find the definitions of these words: 

  • continents
  • herd
  • plains
  • solar system  



Write the missing words that you can see on the picture below. Remember - the sounds give you a clue! 


Before you start your writing today, re-watch the video of the story to remind you about what happened. 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Kerr, Judith, Kerr ...

This week, we are going to be writing letters pretending to be the little girl. You will be writing a letter to your Grandma to tell her about everything that happened when the tiger came to your house. 

Imagine you are the little girl and write down as many feelings as you can to describe how she might have felt.

E.g. shocked, excited, scared.

Choose some of the feelings you have thought of and write them in a sentence. 

I was shocked when I opened the door and saw a huge, hairy tiger.



Starter - Count in 5s song - listen first and then sing-a-long when you can!

Main - Go to BBC Bitesize and complete Lesson 2 - Counting in 5s. Complete Activity 1 after watching the video. 

Challenge: Activity 2

Top Tip: Use your fingers and toes to help you count in 5!



Last week, we looked at a map of Moston and thought about what the different symbols on the map meant. This week, we would like you to design a map for the area around school and create your own symbols to go on your map. 

Think about what symbol you might use for a restaurant, cafe, shops, bank, the post office and any other places that you might visit in Moston. 

Good Morning!

We hope you have all had a lovely restful weekend. We are really missing all of your smiley faces!

Make sure you send us pictures of the work and other things you are doing at home so we can see it. 

You are all doing an amazing job, keep up the super work this week!

Miss Upton and Miss Potter x

Positive Affirmations for Kids (With images) | Affirmations for ...


Monday 8th June 


This week you will need to login to Oxford Owl to access the books. All the books you read this week are going to be non-fiction books. Non-fiction means they are books about facts or real life events. If you cannot remember the login details for your class email us

Today we would like you to read 'Deep Down Weird' 

Oxford Reading Tree inFact: Level 6: Deep Down Weird: ...

  1. What can the Black Devil Fish do?
  2. What does a Snot-flower Worm eat?
  3. What does the light around the Loosejaw’s eyes help it to do?
  4. What does the Yeti Crab look like?
  5. Which was your favourite creature and why?



Write all the missing words on the picture – Look at the sounds to give you a clue.


This week we will be writing about the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’

The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Kerr, Judith, Kerr ...

Listen to the story being read -

What was your favourite part of the story and why?



Counting in 2s | Song of Twos | The Singing Walrus - YouTube

Starter activity – Listen to the 2 times table song and sing along! -

Main activity – BBC bitesize – Lesson 1 – Counting in 2s - Watch the video and then complete the tasks. 



There are many different types of animals in the world! Click on the picture below to find out all about the different types of animals.

Animals in primary school | KS1 animal learning activities | KS2 ...

Watch the videos and then name an animal to match the animal group.

  • Mammals
  • Amphibians
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Reptiles
  • Minibeasts