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Moston Lane Community Primary School

W.B. 09.11.2020



Today an Alien has crash landed in the classroom!!

Friendly alien

The Alien is called Sporkle. He wants to know all about our planet Earth and he needs your help to find out.

To start off, go on a walk around where you live. Look carefully at it and talk to a grown up about what you can see, hear, smell and feel.



Discuss what you saw on your walk yesterday. Make a mind map of all the things you saw on your walk. You can write or draw them. Discuss with your grown up your favourite things about where we live and planet Earth. What do you think Sporkle would find interesting about our planet?



Write a list of all the things you would like to tell Sporkle about in your letter.



Today you are going to write a letter to Sporkle with your grown up helping you. When you have written it, look through your letter together. Check for any mistakes and decide how you could make it even better.


Independent Write!

Today you are going to write a letter to Sporkle on your own. Try and remember some of the things you wrote yesterday but this is your chance to make it even better!




Practise your phonics on phonics play



Read a book on Oxford Owl



Today practise your tricky word reading



Read a book on Oxford Owl.


Play a game on Phonics bloom.




Here is this week's PowerPoint for Maths. Use it each day to follow the lesson for that day and see what we are learning about in class.




For today’s lesson look through Lesson 1 on the PowerPoint.

Now follow the lesson on White Rose on ‘Fact Families – The 8 facts.’




For today’s lesson look through Lesson 2 on the PowerPoint. Now follow the lesson on the White Rose link above called ‘Subtraction – counting back’



For today’s lesson look through Lesson 3 on the PowerPoint.

Can you write some subtractions and solve them by counting back on a number line?

Complete the lesson on Oak Academy https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/counting-back-in-ones-to-subtract-6gu64r



For today’s lesson follow lesson 4 on the PowerPoint.

Using some objects in your home can you find the difference between numbers to 10. Use these objects to count how many more the bigger amount has.



For today’s lesson follow lesson 5 on the PowerPoint.

Tell a grown up what you have found out about subtraction this week.






Science – Materials

Follow the oak academy lesson on Materials and what different objects are made from.

Look around your home and see if you can group objects made from the same thing.



History - Man On the Moon!

Look through the PowerPoint. Talk to your grown up about the first man on the moon. What do you think it was like for them? Would you like to go to the moon?



Imagine you have gone to the Moon and you are looking out at Space. You can see all the Stars!

Some stars even make their own shapes and pictures. We call these constellations. Here are some examples of constellations we can see from Earth.

Image of the big dipper constellation     The constellation of Orion lies along the meridian, about halfway up the southern sky, around midnight at this time of the year.  

Using whichever media you would like (paint, chalk, collage, pencils) create your constellation picture.



PSHE – Friendship

What makes a good friend? Watch this clip from BBC bitesize.


Now talk to your grown up about who is a good friend to you and why.




Christian symbols

We are learning about Christianity this half term. Today we would like you to watch the Espresso video about Christian symbols. 


Remember you will need your Espresso log in. While you are on the Christianity section have a look at the other videos and images sections and then take the Quiz in the activity section to see how much you have found out.