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W.B. 22.06.20


Friday 26th June 2020

Good morning! Happy Friday everyone! We hope that you have had a lovely couple of days enjoying the sun safely!

Star of the day - Lucia

You're doing a great job working at home Lucia, keep it up!

Morning Activity

Enjoy a relaxed end to the week with some yoga


 Today you are going to look at a play by William Shakespeare called 'Twelfth Night'. The lesson will introduce you to Shakespeare (someone who you will learn a lot more about at high school), you'll then look at the play and complete some activities. Click here for the lesson. 


 Warm up with 'Hit the Button'. 

For some brand new learning, you can focus on identifying the properties of quadrilaterals by clicking here

Alternatively, you can recap how to divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 by clicking here


 For something different in writing today, we are asking you to create your own comic. 

Click here for the lesson - explore what a comic is and its key features. Then, complete the activities and write your own comic strip!


Log into spag.com and complete an activity. 


 Finish the week with some art. Focus on the artist Henri Matisse and explore collages. 

Click here for the lesson. Watch the video and complete the activities. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Thursday 24th June 2020

Good morning everyone! Wow – did you enjoy yesterday’s heatwave? Today is going to be just as beautiful! Make sure that you take some time outside to enjoy the weather but remember to keep sun safe!

Have you designed a duck yet? Head over to the competitions page for more information. 

Star of the day - Adebah

You are working super hard at home Adebah – it was lovely to hear from you this week! Keep it up!

Morning Activity

Let’s get our heart pumping with another Just Dance workout! Click here to get moving!


For reading today, we would like you to think about your favourite book or your favourite type of book. Why not read it again outside in the sunshine?

If you’d rather, click here to choose a book to listen to or see if your favourite book has been published as an audio book!

When you are finished reading or listening, we would like you to head over to the British Library to learn all about miniature books and how to make them! Think about how you could summarise and re-tell your favourite story to make sure that it fits on the page! Click here to get started.


Warm up your maths brains with the ‘Daily 10’ – try to challenge yourself with a trickier topic such as fractions!

For some brand new learning, click here to learn how to identify, classify and describe triangles.

If you’d prefer to re-cap some previous learning, click here to remind yourself how to multiply decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000. 


Did you know that yesterday was National Writing Day?

To celebrate, we are going to set you a challenge! Today you will practise your creative writing skills and take part in the National Writing Day 24/7 Writing Challenge!

There are just three rules:

  1. You are going to write a brilliant 24-word short story.
  2. Your story must start with the words ‘One day’.
  3. You will write it in just 7 minutes!

Click here to get started! Send us your finished entries – there might even be a prize for the ones that impress us the most!


Click here to head over to Spelling Frame.

Today we would like you to practise Spelling Rule 50 – Homophones

Play the games and try the quiz!


Back to Computing now, where we are going to continue our learning about Website Design using HTML.

Today, we are going to use HTML to create a wanted poster.

Click here to get started. Remember to read the instructions carefully! On the first page, it will ask you to open up ‘trinket’ – remember to click on the link in the instructions to ensure you open up the correct page.

Have fun!

Have an amazing day everyone! 

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Good morning everyone! The weather forecast is set to be great for today so be sure to take some breaks in between your learning activities and make the most of it!

Have you designed a duck yet? Head over to the competitions page for more information. 

Star of the day - Eric

You're doing a great job with your home learning Eric. Keep it up!

Morning Activity

Start your day feeling happy with this Just Dance workout. 


Today you are going to focus on a book called 'The Parent Agency' - click here for the lesson.

You will have the opportunity to listen to the author read some extracts from the book and there are a series of activities for you to complete.


Have a go at Crystal Crash - a game where you have to find fractions of numbers!  

Today you can identify whether a shape is regular or irregular based on equal sides and angles. If that's the lesson you would like to opt for, then click here

You may instead prefer to subtract decimals that have a different number of decimal places. If so, then click here for the lesson. 


Time for your composition of the biography you have been looking at over the last few days! Click here for the lesson - have a go at the quizzes, watch the video and complete the activity. Remember to write your biography based on someone you find interesting. Why not email it across to us once you have finished so that we can share all the interesting information you have found out?


Have a go at this game of Trapped to check your understanding of sentence structure. 


It's back to our French 'seaside' topic again. Today, you need to think about everything you have learnt so far and you are going to put this all into an advert that convinces people to come to the beach!

Click here for a template for your advert or you might decide to create your own! 

Have an amazing day everyone! 

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Good morning everyone! We hope that you are all ok – we are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work from this week!

Star of the day – Chikae

You continue to work extremely hard every single day Chikae! Well done!


Morning Activity

Catch up with what’s going on in the world by starting your morning with Newsround. Then, complete this Yoga activity and get your mind ready for today’s learning!


Let’s carry on with our learning about biographies now! In today’s lesson, we are going to practise answering a mixed bag of questions. You will need to use your inference, retrieval, prediction and summarising skills!

Click here to get started – try the quiz, watch the lesson and complete the activities.


Get ready for maths with a game of Guardians of the Mathematica!

For some new learning today, click here to continue your learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how we can classify them based on their properties.

Alternatively, you can click here to continue your 30 day challenge on The Maths Factor.


In writing today, we are going to continue with our learning about biographies. In today’s lesson, we will be focusing on parenthesis and how we can use it to include extra information in our piece of writing.

Click here to get started – complete the quiz, watch the lesson and complete the activities at the end.


Click here for today’s SPaG lesson. Complete the test and mark yourself using the answers at the bottom.



In Geography today, we are going to think about the question What is sustainability?

We will learn about what a sustainable development is and how it impacts the decisions we make in the present. We will think about parts of our daily life that are unsustainable and compare them to innovations that are making life better for present and future generations.

Click here to get started!  

Have a great day everyone!

Monday 22nd June 2020

Good morning everyone - we hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a new week of home learning! It was lovely to speak to so many of you at the end of last week. Remember to keep sending us your work so we can see the amazing things you have been doing!

Morning Activity

Begin your week live with Joe Wicks. From this week, Joe will only be doing the live workouts on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. However, if you still fancy completing one of his workouts on a different day, he has hundreds to choose from on his 'The Body Coach TV' Youtube Channel that you can complete whenever you want! 


In reading and writing this week, you will be looking at biographies. 

Click here to complete today's reading lesson where you will be looking at the biographies of some inspirational women and then answering some comprehension questions. Have a go at the quizzes, watch the video and complete the worksheet. 


Get ready for maths with this angle alien attack game. 

If you would like to identify shapes based on their properties for maths today, then click here. Have a go at the quizzes, watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Alternatively, you can take a look at subtracting decimals by clicking here. Read the information and have a go at the activity sheets. 


Back to our biography focus now. We completed a biography based on someone from the Golden Age of Islam during our last week in school, so hopefully you can draw upon some of that learning to help you. 

For this writing lesson, you are going to be looking at an example about Jacqueline Wilson and identifying the key features. Click here for the lesson - have a go at the quizzes, watch the video and complete the worksheet. 


Head over to Spellingframe and practise rule number 49 'homophones and other words that are often confused'.

Play some of the games and you might even want to have a go at the test!


For PSHE today we are going to look at Black Lives Matter. This is something a lot of you have probably seen on the news or heard people speaking about over the past few weeks. 

If you would like to find out more information about what is happening in the world at the moment, click here to go to a Newsround link, which discusses what events have taken place and why they are happening. 

Click here to complete the PSHE lesson which looks at how we can create hope for the future as a result of the movement. 

Remember: if you feel unsure or uncomfortable about anything you might have experienced yourself or something you have seen in today's lesson, then speak to an adult that you trust or you can follow this Newsround link for lots more information on fighting racism. 

Have a great day everyone!