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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

WB. 27.04.20


Friday 1st May 2020

Good morning everyone, well done for making it to the end of the second week of Summer term!

Star of the day – Connor!

Connor you are working extremely hard, we were super impressed with the work that you sent to us this week! Keep up the hard work!


Morning Activity

Wake yourself up by listening to and joining in with ‘Wake Up Shake Up’.

To really challenge yourself, join in with Joe Wicks live on his Youtube channel by clicking here.


For reading today, we are going to look at poetry and find some poems that we enjoy.

Click here to open The Children’s Poetry Archive and listen to some of the world’s best poetry read out loud! Listen to some of the different poems and choose your favourite. Practise reading the poem out loud and performing it to a grown up in your house using expression and rhythm!


Re-cap your learning of dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 by clicking here and completing one of the activities.

Open up the White Rose Home Learning page by clicking here.

Click on Summer Term – Week 2 – Lesson 3 – Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places.

Complete the activity here (you can find the answers by clicking here)


It’s back to the Oak National Academy today to continue our work on setting descriptions. Remember, this week you have identified the key features of a setting description and practised using relative clauses. Today, it is time to apply your skills and write your own!

Click here to open the page. Complete the quiz, watch the lesson and then complete the activity in your home learning book.


It’s over to BBC Bitesize now to recap our learning on brackets. Click here and complete activities 1, 2 and 3.


For topic today, we would like you to log into Purple Mash and complete the 2do that you have been set. For this task, you need to imagine that you have travelled back in time to Ancient Greece and write a postcard about your experiences.

Use child friendly search engines such as kiddle to research and remind yourself about what life was like in Ancient Greece.


We hope that you all have a fantastic weekend! Well done to all of our stars of the week! See you on Monday! 

Thursday 30th April 2019

Good morning everyone! We hope you are all well and that you are still managing to take plenty of breaks and finding more things to do inside now that the weather has changed - fingers crossed the sun is back out for us all soon! 

Star of the day - Alfie!

Alfie, we were so impressed to hear that you have already filled your home learning book! Keep it up! 

Morning Activity

Challenge yourself this morning with some Sporty Spelling! There are three options to choose from - are you going to go for bronze, silver or gold?





Today you are going to be completing a picture comprehension based on a robot.

Click the link, look at the picture and complete the Question Time! section.


Try out the Daily 10 to warm up your maths brains. 

Head over to the White Rose Home learning page by clicking here

Have a go at Summer Term - Week 2 - Lesson 2, Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places. 

Complete the activity here (find the answers here). 


As some of you may already know, today is Captain Tom Moore's 100th birthday. Captain Tom has raised millions of pounds for the NHS by walking 100 lengths of his garden. If you would like to read more information about his amazing achievement then click here

You might want to also explore these links:

Captain Tom's news story:

Video - Captain Tom receiving a Pride of Britain award:

With Captain Tom in mind, we would like you to write a letter today. Think about someone that you would like to say thank you to in your local community. This might be a family member, a neighbour or a key worker that you think has done an amazing job over the last few weeks. Write a letter to them to thank them for what they are doing - we are sure they would love to receive your letter if you are able to send it! 


 Head over to BBC Bitesize and complete the activities on using apostrophes. 


 Back to BBC Bitesize this afternoon for some Science.

Linking to our materials topic, you are going to be looking at mixing, dissolving and separation today.

Watch the videos and complete the activities - there is even an experiment you might want to try! 

As always, have a wonderful day! Any questions then just drop us an email! 

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning everyone! We have enjoyed speaking to some of you on the phone this week – listen out for us calling! In the meantime, don’t forget to email us if you have any questions or want to share your work!

Star of the day – Katie!

Katie, you have worked so hard at home and you are making outstanding progress with your maths! Keep up the hard work!

Morning Activity

Remember, it is just as important to look after your mind as it is to look after your body! Start the morning by joining in with Cosmic Kids Yoga session!


It’s back to ‘Oak National Academy’ today to continue your learning about character descriptions.

Today’s reading task will focus on understanding the meaning of words.

Click here to complete the quiz, watch the video and complete the activity.


Click here to open the White Rose Home Learning page.

Open the lesson Summer Term – Week 2 – Lesson 1 Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places.

Complete the activity here (you can find the answers here).


Today we are going to re-cap our learning on relative clauses again, this time in the context of a character description. Remember, you can challenge yourself by using a range of punctuation to replace the comma in your relative clause – try using brackets and dashes instead!

Click here for today’s quiz, lesson and activity to complete.


Log into Education City by clicking here.

Complete the SPAG task you have been set.

Remember, we can see who has completed the tasks and use this to inform our star of the day!


Today we will be continuing with our art lessons! Last week, we asked you to use different materials around your house to experiment with textures. Today, we are going to look at how we can use pencil and mark making to enhance our work.

Click here to get started.

Tuesday 28th April 2020 

Good morning everyone! We hope you settled back into working from home for week 2 of the new, slightly unusual term!

Star of the day - Victoria

Well done for your amazing effort on TTRockstars Victoria - we are super impressed that you are now a Rock Legend!

Morning Activity

Warm up your bodies this morning with Joe Wicks


This week we are going to move onto looking at character descriptions during reading and writing. 

Click on the link for Oak National Academy and complete the 'Fact Retrieval Reading Comprehension.' Watch the video, complete the activities and the quiz based on some of your favourite superheroes! 


Practise your times tables on TTRockstars.

Head over to the White Rose Home learning page

Complete Summer Term, Week 1, Lesson 4 - Adding decimals - crossing the whole

Watch the video and complete the activities here (you can find the answers here). 


Back over to Oak National Academy now to look at identifying the key features of a character description

Try out the quiz, watch the video and complete the activity. We have already completed character descriptions this year - think back to 'The Day the Crayons Quit' - so this should just be a recap for you!


Complete some games and the test for Spelling Rule number 40 on 'Spelling Frame'.


We're going to be looking at the Ancient Greeks again today. Some of you may already know that the Olympic games originated during this time period.

Watch the video and explore the information about the Olympics on BBC Bitesize

After that, complete the 2Do on Purple Mash, which asks you to compare the Olympics now to the Olympics then. 

Have a great day everybody!

Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning everyone! Ramadan Mubarak to anyone who may be celebrating! We hope that you had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed spending some time in the sunshine! You are all doing amazingly well and we are so proud of every single one of you. We will be giving you all a ring this week to catch up - we can't wait to speak to you all!

Star of the day - Mara 

Mara, you are working incredibly hard on Purple Mash and have produced some fantastic work. Well done!


Morning Activity

 Get yourself moving by joining in with the Les Mills morning workout by clicking here.



Click here to load the BBC Bitesize daily reading lesson. Today you will be listening to and reading extracts from 'To Be a Cat' by Matt Haig. Watch the clips, read the extract and complete activities 1, 2 and 3.

As always, try and make time to read a story that you enjoy on Oxford Owl or listen to an audiobook on Audible. 



Re-cap your knowledge of prime and square numbers as a quick warm up! Click here and choose one activity to complete.

Now head over to the White Rose Home Learning page.

Open up Summer Term, Week 1 - Lesson 3 - Complements to 1

Watch the video and complete the activities here (you can find the answers by clicking here)



Click here and watch 'The Black Hat'.

Think carefully about caged animals and how they might feel.

Choose one animal who you would like to set free. Write a letter to the owner of a zoo, persuading them that this animal belongs in its natural habitat.

Click here to read an example and then write your own!



Click here to open BBC Bitesize.

Today, we will recap our learning of inverted commas and speech. Remember, we have learnt all about this in school already!

Watch the clips and complete the activities.




 If you didn't already know, this month is the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims all around the world. During Ramadan (the month of fasting), Muslims give up eating and drinking during the day. It is also a time when people pray and think about those less fortunate than themselves. 

Click here and watch the clip to learn all about how Ramadan is celebrated.

Then, log into Purple Mash  and complete the Ramadan Research activity.

Afterwards, you could also complete the 'Plan for Iftar' activity and plan an exciting meal for Iftar! Remember to save your work so that we can see your work!

If you are celebrating, we would love to see some pictures of you and your family during this special time!


Have a great day everyone!


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