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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 20.04.20


Friday 24th April 2020


As we have been learning about pets all week, today we want you to think about how you would need to look after a pet. Choose a pet and then write a list of all the things you would need to look after that pet. 

Challenge: Write a sentence about how you would look after the pet and try to use 'and' or 'because' in your sentence.


Have a look on the phonics bloom website and play some of the games -

Try the phase 3 activities and if these are too easy move up to the next phases! Try and work at a level that your child can have a go independently. 


As today is Friday, the last working day of the week, watch this song about days of the week on YouTube.

Talk to your child about the days of the week. You could talk about the things that you normally do on different days (school, work, swimming lessons, going to stay at a grandparent’s house etc) sing the song together or any other songs you know about the days of the week. Ask them what day they think it will be tomorrow? What day was it yesterday?

Challenge: You could write the days of the week down on strips of paper and muddle them up. Can your child put them back into order?


Watch the assembly about pets and how to look after your pets. Watch the video with your child and help them to answer the questions.


Thursday 23rd April 2020


As we have been learning about pets this week, we have a new pobble picture to look at! 

Have a look at the picture with your child...

Ask your child…

What can you see?

What do you wonder?

What do you think?

… about this picture.

Get your children to write a sentence that begins with -

I can see…

Challenge: Use the other sentence starters for a more extended writing piece -

I wonder…

I think that…


Enjoy the games on phonics play today to practise your reading.


Explore the number section on the Espresso website below:

Use the different activities to practise your children’s number knowledge. Try and do something from each area – know the number, ordering and counting


Today is a special day in England, it is St George's day who is the patron Saint of England!

Watch this video on Cbeebies about St George's day -

Have a go at making a St. George's day poster or picture, you could even just make an England flag!

Flag of England - Wikipedia


Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Today read a book from the oxford owl website, choose any book and encourage your child to try and sound out some of the words themselves.

For a game afterwards, write these sounds (c, a, t, s, p, i, n, o, d) on paper and cut them up so there is just individual letters on each piece. Ask your child to make words you give them with the letters... such as ask them to make pin and see if they can find the letters they will need. Here are some words they could make... cat, sat, pat, pit, cot, dot, tip, sip, nod, pin and pod. 


Ask your child to use their imagination to design their own perfect pet. Think about...

  • what would you like your pet to look like?
  • what colour would it be?
  • what would it be able to do?
  • what would it feel like to touch?

Draw your pet and then label your drawing. The crazier the better so really get your imagination working!

Challenge: Write a sentence about your pets special skills or talents.


Following on from yesterday’s activity can you play one of the money games on the Topmarks website.

Start with simple activities like recognising the coins. 

Challenge: Can your child draw dots to show you how much each coin represents, for example a 5p would need 5 dots as it represents 5 pennies. 


Use anything you have at home to build a model of a pet! Use any construction materials you may have such as lego, duplo, blocks or any other construction toys. If you do not have any of these at home see if you can use any materials from your recycling.

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Sing the tricky words song

Choose a book to read together and find as many tricky words as you can.

Practise clapping some together, saying the letter names to help your child remember the spelling.


Write a list of the pets your child would like to buy from the pet shop. They can use their imagination, they do not have to be traditional pets.

Challenge: As an extension, write a sentence or two about where each pet would need to live. You could draw pictures to go with your work.


Can your child use their imagination to create a pet shop. Draw a picture of some different pets and think about if they were in a shop what would they need? They would need a price on! So come up with a price for each animal (think cheap!). 

Talk about the price of things in the shop and have a look around your house for coins. Look at coins you have found and see if you can name them. 

Challenge: See if you can make these amounts with the coins you have found or talk about what coins you would need to make- 7p, 4p, 12p, 15p


Follow the link to watch Andy’s Wild Workouts on BBC iPlayer. Follow the 5 minute workouts and discuss the different habitats Andy explores. If you look through the different episodes your child can choose the animals that interest them the most. You could do a few in one go or space them out over the day as short breaks. It would be great to do these throughout the week, especially if you are finding it hard to get outside!


Monday 20th April 2020


Our new topic this week is Fur and Feathers. In school we use this topic to help the children learn about domestic and wild animals. To start the topic off can you watch the video of ‘Dear Zoo’ on YouTube...

Discuss why each animal would not make a good pet! Why would a puppy make a good pet?


Following on from this, write a letter to the zoo with your child asking for a pet of their choice. Encourage them to think of the sentences themselves, say it aloud to you and then write each word by carefully listening for the sounds they can hear. Remind them to start the sentence with a capital letter and finish with a full stop.

Challenge - Write some more sentences explaining why they would like this pet and what they would like to do with it.


Look around your house or on the Oxford Reading Owl website for stories about pets. Read them together, ask your child questions about the story as you read. If there are any CVC (three letter words) in the book, ask your child to try and read it themselves, also to search in the book for any tricky words they recognise. 


Look at the animals in the story. Discuss their size comparing their height - tall and short. Go on a height hunt around your house. What is the tallest thing you can find? What is the shortest? Find some objects to put in height order. If you have any pets it might be nice to discuss their height too compared to some of the animals in the story.

Challenge - To extend this activity you could get something to measure height with. It could be a tape-measure or you could measure using blocks, or for taller objects your hands. 


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