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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 11.05.20


Stars of the Week

Me and Mrs Rycroft found it very difficult to choose stars this week, as all the children who sent in their amazing Rainbow Fish stories, really blew us away! So well done if you sent in a story we are super impressed with your effort!

The star I chose from Team 1 is... 


I was so impressed with your story Gabrielius! I can see you have really been working on your writing while you have been off school and have made great progress! Well done!

The star from Team 2 is...


Mrs Rycroft couldn't believe how much effort you put into your writing and loved reading your story!

Well done Rudy!

Well done guys! Great effort, keep it up!

Friday 15th May


Todays book is ‘Don’t Worry Little Crab’. Watch it together on Cbeebies Bedtime:

Grown Ups - ask your child some questions about the story...

Who are the characters in this story?

Where is the story set?

How is Little Crab feeling?

Why do you think he is feeling like this?

Have you ever felt worried like little crab?

What makes you feel better?


Today we are going to do some PSHE work about our feelings.

In the story ‘Don’t Worry Little Crab’ Little Crab is feeling worried about going in the sea.

We have also watched the story ‘A Whale’s Tale’. In this the child is worried about all the rubbish in the ocean.

Talk to your grown up about what makes you feel worried. 

Grown ups discuss with the child what feeling worried can be like. You might want to share something you worry about or talk about the things they might have heard on the news recently. It is important that the children know it is normal to worry and that everyone feels like this sometimes. They should know that they can always talk about their worries. Help your child to think of solutions or things that could help them feel better about the worry if this is possible.


After discussing your worries with a grown up, think of all the things that make you feel better when you are worried. I know for me I like to go walking outdoors or listen to some of my favourite music. Draw a picture of all the things that cheer you up when you're feeling worried or upset and label the items. 

Challenge: Write a sentence about what makes you feel better when you are worried.

Remember to:

  • Use capital letters
  • Listen for the sounds you can hear in each word 
  • Put finger spaces between your words
  • Put a full stop at the end


Make a 2D shape picture of a sea creature. Try to use all of these four shapes in your picture...

  • square 
  • triangle
  • circle
  • rectangle


Thursday 14th May


Todays book is ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by Giles Andreae. It is full of small poems about lots of the different creatures that live in the sea.

The poems in this book are rhyming poems. Can you find some of the words that rhyme?



Write some of the rhyming words that you found in ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. Try to write down one more word that rhymes with each pair of rhyming words you find.

e.g.  fish wish    -   dish 

Challenge: Try to use some rhyming words to make a very short poem for example... The crabs pincers were very big, in the sand he liked to dig.



Explore the different activities and videos about ‘shape’ on the Espresso website:

Try and complete a few different activities that involve both 2D and 3D shapes.



Today we are going to carry out a science experiment to see how different materials react in water. Walk around your house and find some different materials you would like to use. 

Grown Ups try and choose objects that will react in different ways to the water. For example – a sponge, a plastic bag, cotton wool, bread, cereal, paper. 

Put each object in a bucket or sink that is full of water.

Leave it for an hour.

When you come back to the objects look at what has happened to them. 

Grown ups: show the children how the different objects have reacted to the water. Ask them some questions:

What has happened to the… (cotton wool, plastic bag, bread etc)?

Why do you think this has happened?

Would it be ok if this object was in the sea? 

Could it hurt the sea creatures?

Wednesday 13th May


Yesterday we watched ‘A Whale's Tale’. The Child in the story tries to tell people about the rubbish in the ocean by making a poster. Make a poster to tell people about keeping our oceans clean. Draw a picture on your poster and then write a heading or instruction so people know what to do, such as - do not litter!


For today’s reading task, log on to

Choose any book to read from the book shelf. Have a go at reading the words yourself by sounding them out or clap them if they are tricky words.

Grown ups - look at the front page and back page and there will be pointers on there for you to ask/do while reading the book.


Look through your recycling items with a grown up. What shapes can you find? Can you describe the shapes to your grown ups? 

Are they 2d or 3d?

How many faces/sides does it have?

How many edges does it have?

How many vertices/corners does it have?


Using the objects you have found in the recycling make a junk box sea creature. Here are some examples to help you:


Tuesday 12th May


Let's get active to start the day, take part in this Andy’s Wild Workout ‘Under the Sea’...


Watch the story - ‘A Whale’s Tale’

Grown Ups: Ask your child questions about what is happening in the story...

What sea creatures can you see?

What can you see in the sea that shouldn’t be there? 

How do you think the sea creatures feel? 

How do  they start to solve the problem?

How did the story make you feel?


After you have watched ‘A Whale’s Tale’, write a list of all the different things that were in the sea that the whale had to collect in his net. 

Challenge: Write a sentence about the story. Think about how the whale and the other sea creatures must feel when they swim amongst all the rubbish. Also think about how it makes you feel when you see the rubbish floating in the sea.


Today we are going to learn about shapes, let's sing the shape songs to remind us...

Go on a shape hunt around your house and see what shapes you can find.

See if you can find any 2d shapes that are completely flat or 3d shapes that are solid.

Collect some objects and sort them into 2d and 3d.

Challenge: Try to describe the shapes and name them.

Monday 11th May

We hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend! 

We are amazed at the FANTASTIC Rainbow Fish stories you have sent in over the weekend and want to say a big well done to all the children that managed to complete this task! As a reward for your hard work, all your amazing stories are displayed below for everyone to see! Click on the pictures to make them larger, so you can read the stories.

Your literacy task for today is to read the stories below and for your writing task I would like you to write a message to one of your friends to say what you like about their story! if you write a message and send it in to the email, I will make sure your friends get your messages!

Again, a big well done to all the children that sent in their story, if you did not complete yours try to finish it today and send it in so we can show everybody.


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