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Moston Lane Community Primary School

W.B. 09.11.2020

 Name Writing

  • Practise writing your name everyday.



The home learning letter we sent out before the holidays will tell you what group your child is in for phonics. Please let us know if you need a new letter.

We are learning to read and write a different letter each day:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Group A s d t i n
Group B u b f e l
Group C sh ch th ng qu

Watch the video on espresso about the letter.


Now tell your grown-up some words that start with today's sound. Finally have a go at writing the letter a few times.

Grown-ups: Every day, revisit the previous sounds that they have learnt.


Topic - Autumn

This week we will continue with our theme 'Autumn'. We will explore the seasonal changes from summer to autumn. Some of the key points that we discuss with the children are:

  • There are four seasons in the year.
  • The seasons are autumn, winter, spring and summer.
  • The weather changes in each season.
  • In autumn the weather starts to get cooler.
  • Plants and trees change in autumn.
  • People and animals make changes in autumn.
  • Bread comes from wheat that is harvested.
  • Fruit grows on trees or bushes and is picked before it comes to the shops.
  • Vegetables grow underground and are harvested when they are ready.


  • Explore the 'Autumn and Harvest' module on espresso. There are videos, photographs, stories, games and activities all about this time of year.


  • Look in your garden or out of your window. What is the weather like? How have the plants and trees changed in the last few weeks?  



RE: Diwali

On Friday, it is the festival Diwali. This is a festival that Hindus celebrate. At Moston Lane we like to find out and celebrate all cultures. Have a look at the Diwali videos and activities on espresso. https://central.espresso.co.uk/espresso/primary_uk/subject/module/frontscreen/item864801/gradef/index.html

Diwali is also known as the 'Festival of light'.

This is a rangoli pattern. Make a picture using lots of different colours and patterns.



This week's story is...

The Gigantic Turnip






Listen to the story and then answer the questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqsbFIwA4Qc

  • Retell the story to your grown-up. Who were the characters? Where is the story set? Retell the events in order.



This week's writing activities are about the story 'The Gigantic Turnip'.

  • Draw and label the characters from the story.
  • Write a sentence from the story.

Remember to:

  • Say the word that you are going to write.
  • Listen for the sounds in order.
  • Write down the sounds that you can hear.


Counting Activities (Please do at least one counting activity every day)

  • I can count to 20 song with actions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VLxWIHRD4E
  • Rally Robin counting to 20. (Adult and child face each other. Adult says 1, child says 2, adult says 3, child says 4 and so on until you get to 20)
  • Every time you go upstairs, count the steps. Remember to say 1 number name for each step.
  • Counting actions. Jump 10 times and count as you do it. 

This week, we are learning to 

  • Add 2 sets of objects.  


How many blue spots are there?

How many yellow spots are there?

How many spots are there altogether?


Now trying adding 2 sets of objects that you have.

Grown-ups: You could use any objects for this (counters, coins, teddies, stones). Ask your child to count both sets and say how many there is in each. Then ask them to put both sets together and ask how many are there altogether?