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W.B. 15.06.2020

Nursery Stars of the Week!

This week, the Sunbeam Stars of the Week are Daniel and Kadiatu! 

   This Rainbow Stars of the Week are Aizah and Emily!

You have all been working so hard with your home learning and really impressing your nursery teachers, well done! We are very proud of you. 

Well done to all the children who have been completing their home learning activities and sending their work to us, we love seeing it. Keep working hard next week and you could be our next stars!

Well done and keep up the amazing work!

Mrs Jones & Miss Thompson

x x

This week’s theme – Go Fish

This week we will be exploring the world of sea animals. This is a bright, colourful world, full of variety and fascination for young children. We will be learning lots of facts about fish and other sea creatures.



Let’s start the day with Andy’s Wild Workout – Under the Sea

Story of the Day – Barry The Fish With Fingers -

ActivityNow draw around both your hands and count all your fingers and thumbs. How many altogether?

You could use both your hands to complete some simple addition sums using numbers no greater than 5.  Here are some examples, but you can just make up your own.          

  • 2+3=
  • 5+3=                           
  • 4+4=
  • 3+3=

See how useful hands can be!

ActivityI thought it would be fun today to make your own under the water scene using a cereal box. Have a think about all the amazing sea creatures you have seen this week and you could include them in your scene. You can collect some stones from outside to put on the bottom and paint the back of the box blue. Remember to include lots of amazing sea creatures. You can use string to hang up your fish. You can follow the link below for more specific instructions but just use what resources you have at home. It is a great opportunity to use lots of beautiful colours. It will look wonderful!


Activity - Write a list of some of some of the underwater creatures you have met this week. You might want to include objects from their habitats too.  Their names can be tricky so just write the first sound you can hear in the word. If you can, have a go at writing any other sounds you can hear. This is how we would encourage the children to write in school. Remember to use your alphabet mat in your home learning book.


fish                   f-i-sh

shell                  sh-e-ll





Let’s start the day with our Phase 2 tricky word song.

Can you have a go at writing down some of the tricky words?

I,    the,    to,    go,    no,    he,    she,    we

Story of the Day – Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle

Listen to the following story and meet some more amazing sea creatures.

Activity - Ask your grown-up to help you draw the outline of a seahorse. You can make your seahorse all kinds of beautiful colours. You can use paint, collage materials or crayons. Remember a seahorse can change colours to match their surroundings. We call this camouflage.

Now write a sentence to go with your picture. Here are some example sentences:

My seahorse is red and green.

My seahorse has fun in the sea.

My seahorse is big.


Now follow the link below to play this underwater counting game.


Let’s have a gentle start to the day with an underwater limbo exercise song:

Now we are going to watch a short animation based on one of our favourite stories, Rainbow Fish. Click on the following link:

Activity - Try and answer the following questions about the story:

  • What is the title of the story? (The Rainbow Fish)
  • Who is the author of the book, Rainbow Fish? (Marcus Pfister)
  • Why did none of the sea creatures like Rainbow Fish? (He would not share his shiny scales with them)
  • Who did Rainbow Fish go and see? (Rainbow Fish went to see the wise octopus)
  • What was the name of the fish that chased Rainbow Fish? (A fish called a barracuda chased Rainbow Fish)
  • What did the wise octopus tell Rainbow Fish to do? (The wise octopus told Rainbow Fish to give one of his glittering scales to each of the other fish)
  •  Which fish got the first shiny scale? (The little blue fish got the first shiny scale)


Rainbow Fish found that the more he shared his scales the happier he became.

Activity – Now make your own picture of Rainbow Fish. Your grown-up will help you to draw an outline of a fish and you can collage your fish with lots of sparkly materials, like foil and glitter. Here are some ideas to help you.



Remember Rainbow Fish’s scales are every shade of blue, green and purple. If you have paints you could try and mix the colours together to make lots of different shades of colour. You could also use colouring crayons.


Let’s start the day off with a shape song. Just follow the link below:

Can you remember the names of the following 2D shapes? 

  • How many sides does each shape have?
  • How many corners does each shape have?



Activity - Today I thought we could learn some fascinating facts about octopuses! Follow the link below:

  • What facts can you remember about octopuses? Tell someone in your house what facts you have learnt.


Now have a go at making your own number octopus!

Remember an octopus has eight arms, so you will need to write your numbers up to eight and draw the correct number of spots on each arm.

Follow the link below to find out why an octopus has eight arms:

Story of the Day – Little Octopus went to School. 

Follow this link to listen to the story:

  • Can you remember the days of the week from the story?
  • Can you say the days of the week in the correct order, starting with Monday?

Follow this link and join in with the days of the week song:


Let’s start the day with a counting song and dance. Follow the link below:

Now let’s start learning some facts about fish by following the link below:

When you have watched this video clip see if you can answer the following questions:

  1. Where do fish live?
  2. What do fish have all over their bodies?
  3. How does a fish breathe underwater?

Activity - I thought a fun activity today would be to make your own paper plate aquarium or small fish tank. An aquarium is a place where fish and other animals that live in water are kept by people. If you don’t have a paper plate, your grown-up can cut out a circle of paper for you. You can draw on your own fish or cut out pictures of fish and stick them on.

  1. How many fish are in your aquarium?
  2. What are the different colours of your fish?
  3. Are they all the same size?


Story of the Day – Fidgety Fish

Grown-ups you could ask your child the following questions:

  • What is the title of the story? (Fidgety Fish)
  • Who is the author? (Ruth Galloway)
  • Who did Mum tell Tiddler to look out for? (The Big Fish)
  • What interesting creatures did Tiddler find in the sea? (Limpets, jellyfish, starfish and a crab)
  • What happened to Tiddler? (He became trapped inside the Big Fish)
  • How did Tiddler escape from the Big Fish? (The Big Fish Burped)


Activity - It might be fun to make your own simple shark fin hat. Have a look at the picture below and have a go yourself at home!