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W.B. 08.06.20

Nursery Stars of the Week!

This week, the Sunbeam Stars of the Week are Harlie and Saadat! 

Harlie has been a super boy this week and has been trying very hard with his home learning! Saadat has been working hard this week on our dinosaur theme. Well done. 

   This week, the Rainbow Stars of the Week are Evie and Harlen!

You have both been working so hard at home, well done.

Harlen was also a birthday boy this week. He turned 4 on Thursday - Happy Birthday Harlen!  


Well done and keep up the amazing work!

Mrs Jones & Miss Thompson

x x

This week's theme - Dinosaurs 


This week we are going to be learning some interesting facts about dinosaurs, through lots of exciting activities and stories. Have fun!


Let’s start the day with our tricky word song.

  • Can you remember some of the tricky words?
  • Can you write down some of the tricky words on paper?

Activity 1

I thought today we would do some counting, ordering and writing numbers up to 10.

Let’s remind ourselves of the numbers up to 10 by following the link below:


Now we are going to go on a dinosaur hunt in your house or garden. You can make your own dinosaur, footprint number trail. Make a set of dinosaur footprints and number them. You can then go and hide one of your toys and set out the footprints for your brother, sister or grown-up to follow, to find the hidden toy. Make sure you place them in the correct order!  You can go as high as you want with your numbers.


Let’s continue to practise our counting and number recognition by following the link below:


Activity 2

Create your own dinosaur fact file and include lots of pictures and facts that you have learnt about dinosaurs this week. You could make your own book or use your home learning book. You could include:

  • Pictures of different dinosaurs
  • Words to describe the dinosaurs
  • Simple sentences
  • What they liked to eat
  • Where they lived


Let’s finish off the day with a dinosaur bedtime story -


Have a lovely weekend!

The Nursery Team x



Let’s do a workout to letter sounds today. Follow the link below to go over your sounds and have a dance too:


Story of the Day - Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson

This story is about a dinosaur who ends up in the wrong herd.

Grown-ups – after your child has heard the story you could ask the following questions:

  • What is the title of the story?
  • Who is the author?
  • What has happened to the dinosaur egg?
  • What do you think could happen to the duck-billed dinosaur?
  • How does the duck-billed dinosaur feel?

Activity 1 – The story tells us about some hatching dinosaur eggs and I thought a fun activity would be to make your own hatching dinosaur egg.


If you follow the link below there are instructions on how to make a frozen, hatching dinosaur egg.

Follow the instructions and watch your dinosaurs hatch from their frozen eggs.

Activity 2 – You could create your own hatching dinosaur egg picture using paper and colouring crayons.


You can count the spots that you put on either side with a simple addition sum:

  • 6+4=10

Now to have a go at some more addition sums just follow the link below:


I thought this morning we could go on a dinosaur adventure with Andy. If you are ready to learn some more amazing facts about dinosaurs and go on an exciting adventure, then follow the link below:

  • Can you remember any exciting facts about dinosaurs after being on this adventure?

Now you can go and play an exciting adventure game with Andy. Just click the link below:


Choose any of the following activities or complete them all if you have the resources.

Activity 1  I thought it would be fun today to make your own salt dough dinosaur fossil. If you don’t have dinosaurs you can use another toy. Follow the link below for instructions: A fossil is the remains of plants and animals that lived a long time ago.

You can also follow this CBeebies link to hear an explanation all about fossils:


Activity 2  

  • In your exercise books or on a piece of paper, draw a picture of a dinosaur.
  • Now write a simple sentence to go with your picture.
  • Remember to listen carefully to the sounds that you can hear in each word.
  • Write your letters using the letter cue sheet to help you form them correctly.
  • Remember to leave a finger space between each word.
  • Example sentences:
  • My dinosaur is big. /   The dinosaur is big.      
  • My dinosaur is green.
  • My dinosaur is fun.
  • My dinosaur is big and green.

Your grown-up can help with tricky words like dinosaur, or you can just write the sounds that you can hear when you say the word.

Activity 3

 Watch the video on CBeebies where Andy shows you how to make a dinosaur sock puppet. If a grown-up says that you have a spare sock that you can use, we would love you to make your own dinosaur sock puppet!


I thought today we could go on a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure, with Tiny the T-Rex.


Now follow the link below to listen to one of our favourite stories, Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus!  You will hear the names of many different types of dinosaurs that lived a long time ago. See if you can remember some of their names. They are very tricky names to remember!

  • What is the title of the story?
  • Who is the author?
  • What happened in the story?
  • Can you remember the names of any of the dinosaurs from the story?
  • What sounds did their names begin with?
  • What dinosaur noises can you make?
  • Which dinosaur was your favourite?


Activity – If you have some paint you can make your own dinosaur picture using a handprint. This can be a little bit messy so make sure you do this with your grown-up. If you don’t have any paint then you can just draw and colour your own picture. Remember to show us your work at 

Can you write any words around your picture that describe your dinosaur?


  • Green
  • Big
  • Fun
  • Fast


Let’s start the day off with the Dinosaur Stomp. Just follow the link below and start moving like a dinosaur.


Have a look around your house to see if you have any dinosaur books you can look through. You might also find some dinosaur toys that you can play with!

Follow the link below to learn ten interesting facts about dinosaurs. 

Can you remember any of the facts about dinosaurs?

  • What does the word dinosaur mean?
  • What food did the largest dinosaurs eat?
  • How many 10 year old children would be the weight of a T-Rex?
  • Can you remember the names for a meat eating dinosaur and a plant eating dinosaur?
  • Can you describe what some of the dinosaurs looked like?

Activity – I thought it would be fun to start our topic with your own paper dinosaur hat.


If you follow the instructions below your grown-up can help you make the hat. If you don’t have all the materials, don’t worry, you can create your own unique dinosaur hat:

Don’t forget to send us a picture of your hat to 

  1. What is the name of the three-sided shape on your dinosaur hat?
  2. How many of those shapes have you used on your hat?
  3. What is the shape of the band that fits around your head?