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Moston Lane

Community Primary School

‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 18.05.20

Week beginning 18/05/20

Theme – Zoo Clues

This week’s theme will expand children’s knowledge of the natural world by learning about zoo’s and zoo animals. They will learn that zoo animals are different from pets and farm animals. Children’s natural curiosity and attraction to animals will make this an interesting theme for them!


Have a look around your house - do you have any books about farms or farm animals to read? If not, read any of your books from home.

Here are some other stories about zoo animals that you might enjoy!

Activity - Today let’s practise our number recognition!

Grownups - Can you write down some numbers to 10 (or 20 if you think your child is capable) and ask your child to tell you what number it is. Ask your child to do the correct number of actions to match the number for example show them the number 7 and see if they can respond with 7 claps.

Challenge: Ask your child to write their numbers in order, as far as they can go! starting with 0…

Kindness activity - We hope you have enjoyed doing some of our kindness activities this week! On Monday, we asked you to record every time you did something kind on the kindness calendar.

  • How many kind things did you do?
  • When you were doing your kind acts, how did it make you feel?

Thank you for your continued support! We hope that you have a lovely half term!

The Nursery Team x


Today we would like you to practise your phonics.

Go to Once you are logged in, type ‘phonics’ into the search bar and click on the first link – ‘phonics’. Now click on ‘Scrap’s phonics’. Ask your child to watch some of the videos of the different sounds within that phase (click on the sound to watch the video). Then click the activities tab at the right hand side and have a go at completing some of the activities.


Activity - Enjoy singing some songs and rhymes about zoo animals at home with your family, such as:

  • 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed
  • One elephant came out to play
  • The Yellow Giraffe
  • The Zoo is Lots of Fun

Click on this link for the words to each of these songs and nursery rhymes - 

Zoo Clues - Nursery Songs and Rhymes.docx

Activity – Now, we would like to have a go at this sorting activity. Below is a list of animals. Some of the animals live on a farm and some of them live at the zoo. Can you sort them correctly?


Animals that live on a farm


  • Cow
  • Lion
  • Monkey
  • Pig
  • Giraffe
  • Sheep
  • Horse
  • Elephant
  • Chicken
  • Zebra

Animals that live in the zoo








Kindness activity – “A small act of kindness can change someone’s life.”

Today, we would like you send your own message of kindness to someone. This could be to anyone – a friend, sibling, family member or neighbour. You might want to ring someone and share your message of kindness over the phone. You may want to write your message down on a piece of paper and post it. You could send a text or an email with help from your grown up. If you would like us to pass any of your kindness messages onto your Nursery friends please email us your message and we will pass it on –


Follow the following link for another yoga video! This video is called ‘Lulu the Baby Lioness’. Enjoy!


Today we are going to learn all about zoo keepers. A zoo keeper looks after all the animals at the zoo. They feed them, clean them and take care of them every day!

Activity – Go to the log in tab at the top right of the page, select the option ‘espresso’ and log in with the password details that were sent home. (If you are not sure of the details please contact us).

  1. Type ‘zoo keeper’ into the search bar and click on the first link that appears – ‘A keeper in a zoo’. Enjoy listening to the song all about zoo keepers.
  2. Now type ‘behind closed doors’ into the search bar and click on the link. This is a video about what happens at the zoo when all the visitors have gone home.


Activity - Play ‘I Spy and Count – At the Zoo’ (see below).

I Spy and Count - Zoo Clues.docx

  • Say the initial sound of each zoo animal.
  • Count the animals and record how many of each animal there are.

For example: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with e – elephant!

Count all the elephants – 6

Write the number 6

Activity – Today is ‘International Bee Day!’ Bee Day is celebrated every year on May 20th to raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping. Today, we can learn all about bees and the important job that they do!

Click on the link below to take you to the Espresso, Discovery Education website. (Remember to email us if you do not have the log in details).

Here, you can watch a video all about bees and beekeeping. Now go out into your garden. Can you see or hear any bees?

Activity – We would like you to create a poster for ‘International Bee Day’. You could stick it on your window for everyone to enjoy when they’re out on their daily walks. You may want to draw, paint or collage bees, flowerstrees or beehives!

Don’t forget to send us pictures of your amazing posters!


Let’s start the week off with some exercise! Follow the ‘Joe Wicks PE Session’ on YouTube. This will be live at 9am on his YouTube channel -


One of our favourite stories to read at Nursery is ‘Dear Zoo’. Follow this link to listen to the story!

Then, answer the following questions:

  1. How many animals did the zoo send altogether?
  2. Fill in the blanks:
  • The elephant was too _____
  • The giraffe was too _____
  • The lion was too _____
  • The camel was _____
  1. Which animal was too scary?
  2. Which animal was too naughty?
  3. Which animal was perfect?
  4. Do you have a pet at home?

Activity – Now, we would like you to play an ‘initial sound’ game.

  1. Think of an animal that lives at the zoo. Example – ‘elephant’
  2. Say the word. Example – “elephant”
  3. What sound does that word begin with? Example – ‘e’
  4. Can you think of any other words that begin with the same sound? Example – ‘egg,’ ‘elbow,’ ‘envelope’ etc.
  5. Can you find any of these objects in your house?

Kindness activity – We would like you to think about how kindness can fill up your heart! Now, imagine how your kind acts fill up the hearts of others. Grownups, draw a picture of a large heart on a piece of paper for your child. Now, ask your child to decorate the love heart. You could use collage materials to stick onto your heart such as sequins or coloured paper. You may want to use pencil crayons or felt tips to colour in your heart and create a lovely design.


This week we are going to learn all about the zoo and zoo animals. Let’s start off with some yoga! This video is called ‘Jungle Safari’.


Activity – Have you ever been to visit a zoo? What did you see there? Can you name some of the animals that you might find at the zoo?

Watch the following video on YouTube. This video is all about a man called Blippi who goes to visit the zoo! Watch Blippi feed a giant tortoise, play with an armadillo, swim with the stingrays, ride a camel and even hold a snake!


Activity – Write a list of all the animals that you might find at the zoo. Remember to listen carefully for all the sounds you can hear in each word. Use the letter cue sheet to help you form them correctly.


Kindness activity - As well as learning about the zoo and zoo animals this week, we are also going to think about being ‘kind’. Grownups, this week is ‘Mental Health Awareness’ week and the theme this year is ‘kindness’.

During this difficult time, it is important that we are all support each other and are kind to one another. However big or small the kind acts are, they can make a huge difference to someone! Every day this week, we would like you to do something kind! Using the ‘kindness calendar’ below, record each time you do something kind.

Kindness Calendar.pdf

Here are some kind things you could do:

  • Play nicely with your siblings.
  • Share your treats / toys with your siblings.
  • Help your grownups with house chores.
  • Clean your bedroom without being asked by your grownup.
  • Make a card or picture and give it to someone special.
  • Look after your pets.
  • Smile at everyone you see today.
  • Say something nice to someone who lives in your house.
  • Give someone a big hug.

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