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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 11.05.20


Nursery Stars of the Week!

This week, the Sunbeam Stars of the Week are Irene and Scarlett.

 Irene, you have been working so hard at home! Here is a picture of Irene's beautiful work -

Scarlett, you have been trying so hard with your home learning too! Well done.  


This week, the Rainbow Stars of the Week are Hassan and Daniel.

Hassan, you have been doing some super home learning! Here are some pictures of Hassan's amazing work -


Daniel, you have been working so hard at home too on the home learning activities this week. 


Well done and keep up the amazing work!

Mrs Jones & Miss Thompson

x x


Miss Thompson's Plant

I have been watering my seeds everyday, making sure they have had lots of light and air to grow and look...


it has sprouted! That means that the stem is beginning to grow. How exciting!

Week beginning 11/05/20

Theme – Baa-baa, Moo, Cock – a – Doodle – Doo

This week’s theme teaches the children all about farm animals and some of the produce we get from them. The children will learn that chickens, cows and sheep live on farms and provide us with eggs, milk and wool, from which we can make many other products.


This morning, we would like you to listen to the following story: ‘Duck in the Truck’

  • Can you hear any rhyming words?

Watch this YouTube video below all about rhyming words! Remember, rhyming words are words that sound the same.

  • Can you think of any words that rhyme with pen?
  • Can you think of any words that rhyme with sun?
  • Can you think of any words that rhyme with mat?

Grownups, if your child is struggling with this activity, you could help them by giving them some options. For example:

“Do these words rhyme? Pen and dog? No.

“Do these words rhyme? Pen and cat? No.

“Do these words rhyme? Pen and hen? Yes!

Repeat the words continuously, emphasising the final sounds so that your child can hear that the words sound the same.


Activity – Recap some of the fun activities that we have done this week, learning all about farms and farm animals.

Can your child remember:

  • What food comes from a chicken?
  • What does a cow produce for us?
  • What do sheep provide for us?


Activity - Play ‘I Spy and Count - On the Farm’ (see below).

I Spy and Count.docx

  • Say the initial sound of each farm animal.
  • Count the animals and record how many of each animal there are.

For example: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with P – Pig!

Count all the pigs – 4.

Write the number 4.


Have a wonderful weekend!

The Nursery Team.


Today, we thought it would be a fun activity, if you have any play dough, to do some dough disco today. If you don’t have any play dough you can still do the hand movements or find a suitable alternative. Follow the link below:


Today we are going to learn about sheep! Sheep live on farms and provide us with wool.

Activity - What can you find in your house that is made from wool? It might be a woollen blanket, a jumper, a pair of gloves, a hat, a pair of socks or a scarf. How many items could you find? Have a go at writing the number.


Activity – Follow the link below to listen to the story, Topsy and Tim at the Farm.

Grownups, ask your child the following questions about the story to check their understanding:

  1. What are the children going to the farm? -They are going to see mummy’s friend).
  2. What job did Mrs Stewart ask Topsy and Tim to do? - To choose 12 nice eggs from the hens’ nest to take home.
  3. What colour were the hens’ eggs? - Four were white and two were brown.
  4. Why could Topsy and Tim not use the path? - The angry geese were in the way.
  5. Why does the baby calf not know how to drink the milk from the bucket? - The baby calf only knows how to suck.


Activity – If you have any cotton wool in your house, we would like you to create a picture of a sheep. Use the cotton wool for the sheep’s body and then draw on the four legs and the sheep’s head. See the pictures below for some ideas:



Follow the link below for a family fun workout - enjoy everyone!


Today we are going to learn about cows! Cows live on farms and provide us with milk.

Watch the videos below. The first video is about how a farmer looks after his cows. This video is from the Espresso, Discovery Education website so remember, you will need the login details. If you do not have them, please email us. The second video is all about how cows are milked on a farm:



Activity – Grownups, talk to your child about some of the different foods that are made from milk. We call milk and food products that are made from milk, or contain milk, dairy products. These foods include: cheese, butter, ice-cream, yoghurt, cream and custard.

  • Which dairy product is your favourite?
  • Can you think of any more food products that are made from milk?

Have a look through any food magazines you may have at home. Can you find any pictures of dairy products? You may want to cut them out to make your own dairy collage!


Activity - Enjoy singing some farm songs at home with your family, such as:

  • Old MacDonald had a farm
  • 5 little ducks
  • Little Bo Peep
  • Mary had a Little Lamb
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep




Let’s start the day off with some dancing! Zumba Kids (Easy Dance) – I Like to Move It:


Re-watch the video all about farms from yesterday’s activities (see below). Now, we would like you to go on a hunt around your kitchen and see if you can find any items that may have come from the farm? (For example, eggs, milk, meat etc.)

  • How many items did you find? Count them and write down the number.

Mrs Jones has just counted all the eggs in her fridge and she has 9 altogether.

  • How many eggs do you have in your fridge? Count them and write down the number. (Be careful not to break any when you are counting them!)


Follow the link below to listen to a story: Peep Inside the Farm by Anna Milbourne.

Activity – Grownups, ask your child the following questions about the story:

  • What farm animals are in the story?
  • What was the tractor doing in the story?
  • What things are grown to be eaten on a farm?
  • What was for sale in the farm shop?


Now, we would like you to draw a picture of a farm. Remember to draw the farmer’s house and all the different animals that might live on a farm.




Let us start the day off with some exercise with Joe Wicks! Follow this link:


This week we are going to be learning all about ‘farms’. Have a look around your house - do you have any books about farms or farm animals to read? If not read any of your books from home with a grown up. 

Activity - As we are learning about farms this week watch this video about farms for children…

  • Have you ever been to a farm?
  • What did you see there?
  • Can you name some of the animals that you might find on a farm?


Activity – Write a list of all the animals that you might find at the farm. Remember to listen carefully for all the sounds you can hear in each word. Use the letter cue sheet to help you form them correctly.


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