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‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 11.05.20


Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning everyone! Well done for making it to the end of another week of home learning! We are so impressed with all of the hard work that you put in every day. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Star of the Day – Connor

Connor, you continue to work extremely hard and we are so proud of you! Keep up all of your hard work!

Morning Activity 

 Wake yourself up with an Avengers work out! 


Today, you will be reading an extract from ‘The Tale of Angelino Brown’. Click here to open the text.

Think about the different feelings and emotions the characters feel during the extract. Click here to complete an ‘emotion graph’ to show how the characters feelings change throughout the chapter.

Afterwards, we would like you to think about this quote from the story:

“Bert strides down the path in the sunshine. He turns back at the gate – and just look at him. There’s a big grin on Bert’s face. Angelino is waving, all by himself.”

If Angelino could talk, what do you think he would say to Bert in this moment? What would he be thinking? Think about what you have read so far and write a paragraph as if you were Angelino.


Challenge yourself with your times tables on Daily 10

Remember, we are now giving you the option in Maths for whether you want to recap recent learning with Bitesize or sign up to the 30 day maths challenge.

If you would like to recap how to compare and order fractions then click here to open the BBC Bitesize lesson for today.

Or click here to sign up/log-in to the Maths Factor for the 30 day maths challenge. 


In writing today we are going to look at writing a recount.

A recount is a piece of writing where you write in the first person about an event that has happened to you. They are written in chronological order.

Click here to complete the lesson. Watch the videos, read the information and complete the activities. Why not aim high and complete the super challenge?


Click here to open up Spelling Frame.

Today we would like you to complete the activities for Spelling Rule 44 – Use of the hyphen.


In today’s topic lesson, we are going to think about debugging. Debugging is when we look at a piece of code and find any errors or mistakes and think of ways to fix them. It is a super important part of computing and an extremely important skill to learn!

Click here to load Code Cracking HQ and practise cracking codes and debugging!

Afterwards, click here to open Asteroid Blasters and re-cap your learning on variables.  


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning everyone! We hope you are doing well and are taking the opportunity to go outside to exercise for slightly longer!

Have you seen the information on the MFL page about writing to a French penpal? We think this is a great opportunity for you to get involved with as we know how much some of you love French! Children all across the world, including those in France, have been experiencing lockdown so this is a chance for you to share your experiences and ask any questions you might have about how children in other countries are finding it. If you are interested then either drop us or Mrs Livesey an email - don't worry, there is no expectation for you to write in French!  

Star of the Day - Abrriet 

You have sent us some great work that you've clearly worked really hard on - well done and keep it up!

Morning Activity 

 Start the day with a Joe Wicks workout


Click on the link to take you to the audible website. Browse through the books and choose one to listen to. 

Make sure you choose a book that suits what you are interested in and enjoy it! 

Once you have listened, choose from one of the following activities:

  • Create a character profile for one of the characters - describe what you know about their appearance and their personality. You could even draw a picture of them!
  • Write 5 comprehension questions that you could give to a friend to answer about what you listened to


 Get yourself ready for maths by completing a round of Hit the Button

Like yesterday, we are now giving you the option in Maths for whether you want to recap recent learning with Bitesize or sign up to the 30 day maths challenge.

If you would like to recap how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers then click here. There are videos and activities for you to complete.

Or click here to sign up/log-in to the Maths Factor for the 30 day maths challenge. 


 Today we're going to move on from diary entries and have a look at debates.

A debate is a formal piece of writing where you consider the different opinions people have about a certain issue. 

Click on the link to complete the lesson. Watch the videos, read the information and complete the activities. Why not aim high and complete the super challenge?


 In writing next week you will be looking at instructions. A key feature of instructions is modal verbs.

Get a head start by watching the video and completing the activities on modal verbs. 


We're going to return to Ancient Greece again today and look at some of the Gods and Goddesses they believed in. 

Click on the link to find out more information about this topic. 

Once you have done that, choose a specific God or Goddess that you would like to focus on and explore the following links. Create an information poster or you might even design a PowerPoint about you chosen God/Goddess.

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning everyone! We know that this is a stressful time for everyone, so let’s start today by reading some positive news on Newsround! Click here for today’s ‘Happy News’.

Star of the Day - Malakai

Malakai, it has been lovely to speak to you on the phone and hear about all of the fantastic work you have been doing at home. Keep it up!

Morning Activity

Choose a Super Movers workout to get your day started – these workouts will help you to remember some tricky maths too! Bonus! 


Click here to begin today’s lesson. Today you will be reading a different diary entry and using your retrieval skills to find answers from the text.


Warm up with the Daily 10 – challenge yourself by making the level harder!

Today we will be heading back to BBC Bitesize to continue with maths. We will be re-capping our learning on adding equivalent fractions. Click here to watch the video, read the instructions and complete the activities.

As we covered this a few weeks ago, some of you may feel that you DON’T need to practise this anymore, which is fantastic! Sign up for a FREE account at and begin the 30 day maths challenge! Be sure to email us with your scores!


This week we have been learning all about diary entries and today you are going to plan and write your own.

Click here to begin the lesson. Complete the quiz, watch the video and try the activity. We are sure your entries will be fantastic!


 Click here to open up Spelling Frame.

Today we would like you to practise the activities for Spelling Rule 43.


We’re going to focus on Geography and PSHE for our topic lesson today and think about the effect that humans have on our planet. We know that some of you are extremely passionate about this so we are looking forward to seeing your work!

First, watch the videos on Newsround by clicking here.

Then, click here to begin the lesson. Watch the video and complete activity 1, 2 and 3.

Afterwards, why not join in with a live lesson of Blue Planet? Click here to join in!


Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good morning! We hope you didn't find it too difficult to get back into learning yesterday after our long weekend!

Star of the Day - Faisel

You have been trying really hard with your working from home, keep it up Faisel!

Morning Activity

 Try out a Superhero workout this morning to get warmed up and ready for the day! 


Today we will be linking our reading work to the writing we started looking at yesterday. Head over to Oak National Academy, where you'll be working on your inference skills through looking at diary entries. 

Watch the video, complete the activity and take the quiz. 


Have a round of Hit the Button to get yourselves into the maths mindset! 

Rather than White Rose, we're going to ask you to head over the BBC Bitesize today. You will be recapping your learning on calculating the area of rectangles. Watch the videos and complete the activities. 


Back to Oak National Academy now to continue with your writing based on diary entries. 

Complete the quiz, watch the video and try the activity. Today's work is based on relative clauses - something you are all very familiar with now! 


 Head over to and complete an activity. 


 We're going to focus on our Science for topic today.

Head over to Education City and have a go at Chemistry Cocktail. There is a presentation, as well as an activity and worksheets to complete!

Have a great day! As always, drop us an email if you have any questions/want to share your work with us! 

Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning everyone! We hope that you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. We have enjoyed speaking to you on the phone and receiving your emails – keep them coming as we are missing you all lots! Don’t forget to visit Madame Livesey’s French page to complete the weekly challenge!

Morning Activity

Get ready for the week ahead with Joe Wicks this morning. Click here to get started and see how long you can keep up!


Today you are going to head over to BBC Bitesize to read an extract from the novel ‘Tell Me No Lies’ written by Malorie Blackman. Click here to open the page and listen to extracts from the story being read aloud. After you have listened to the extract, use your inference skills to complete the activities.


Warm yourself up by re-capping your knowledge of short division. Click here and complete one activity.

Click here to go to the White Rose home learning page.

Open up Summer Term – Week 3 – Lesson 4 – Calculate Perimeter.

Watch the lesson video and then complete the activities here (you can find the answers here)


It’s back to the Oak Academy today for your writing lesson. This week, we are going to be focusing on writing our very own diary entries. Think back to when we wrote our diary entries as Esther in ‘Treasure’  – they were all fantastic!

Click here to open up today’s lesson.

Complete the quiz, watch the lesson and complete the activities at the end.


Click here to open up Spelling Frame.

Play the games and test yourself on Spelling Rule 42.

Afterwards, complete one activity on



Today we are going to get creative with a music lesson at home! You will listen to a variety of different music examples and learn to sing and clap to the pulse and rhythm! Have fun!

Click here to get started!


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