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Moston Lane

Community Primary School

‘Be The Best You Can Be’

W.B. 30.03.20


Friday 3rd April

Reading task:

Choose any book from home to read to your grown up.

Play some games on phonics play to practice your reading!

Literacy task:

As we have been learning about Easter this week and we know that we give Easter eggs as they symbolise ‘new life’ we have a new pobble picture to look at! The picture is of three large eggs that have been washed up on a beach but we do not know what is inside! The eggs look like they are about to hatch!

Have a look at the picture with your child...

Ask your child…

What can you see?

What do you wonder?

What do you think?

… about this picture.

Get your children to write a sentence that begins with -

I can see…

Challenge: Use the other sentence starters for a more extended writing piece -

I wonder…

I think that…

Maths task:

We are now in April. Today would be a good day to recap over the months of the year! Have a go at singing this months of the year song and to make it extra fun see if your grown up will teach you the actions to the macarena to do at the same time!

Answer these questions (use the song to help you)...

What month are we in now?

Which month was before April?

Which month will come after April?

What month is your birthday in?

Challenge: What comes before December?

What comes after December?

What comes after July?

Topic task:

Make someone in your house an Easter card! We would love to see pictures of your work!

Thursday 2nd April

Reading task:

Sing the ‘tricky word’ songs.

Choose any book from your house to share with a grown up today!

Challenge: See how many tricky words you can spot in the book - remember to show your grown up how we clap those words.

Literacy task:

Following on from your reading task today let’s see how many tricky words you can write!

Grown ups - Can you ask your child to write some of these tricky words - I, no, go, to, the, she, he, we, me, be, my. Just say the word out loud and see if your child can write the word from memory. If they are struggling try clapping the word for them such as - T H E - the. Say the letter name as you clap the word.

If they are still struggling, you can write the words down for the children to copy and then have a go at covering the word and see if they can remember how to do it.

Challenge - Try these words - they, some, come, said, all, what

Maths task:

Have a go at completing this addition and subtraction game on espresso. Use objects or dots to help you work the calculations out.

Remember  - means take away\subtract

                     + means add them together

Challenge - Try one of the harder games!

Topic task:

We enjoy doing yoga at school as it helps us relax and exercise to keep healthy. During this stressful time yoga is a great way to de-stress and keep your body and mind healthy!

Have a go at this yoga today -

Wednesday 1st April

Reading task:

Watch the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ on espresso. You can click on the link above and it will just ask you to sign in using the details that were provided on the letter we sent home (If you are unsure please email us). If given the option choose to save the details so you do not have to keep reentering them.

After watching the story, complete the comprehension activity by clicking on this link…

Literacy task:

On the run up to Easter, Christian’s take part in Lent, which is the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday.

During Lent, a lot of Christians give up something they really like for the whole 40 days as this is what Jesus had to do when he was fasting in the desert.

Have a think of something you really like that you would choose to give up for Lent. Draw a picture and write down what you would give up in a sentence.

For example…

I would give up chocolate because I eat far too much of it and I know it would make me more healthy if I did not eat it! (Mrs Dowling)

Or if you did not want to give something up you can choose something that you would start doing every day to make someone happier.

Maths task:

During Easter we usually give/receive Easter eggs. This is because Easter eggs symbolise new life.

Ask your grown up to draw you a  large Easter egg on a piece of paper. Can you decorate the egg by creating a repeating pattern.

Remember a repeating pattern is a pattern of colour, shape or objects that always repeats!

Have a go at completing these patterns…


1  2  1  2  1  _  _


red blue green red blue _____ _____


A Z Z A Z Z A _ _


Decorate your easter egg using a repeating pattern, keep checking throughout to make sure your pattern repeats!

Challenge: Have a look around the house to see if there is anything you could make a pattern with? Or in your back garden? Such as stone, stick, leaf, stone, stick, leaf and so on…

Topic task:

Have a go at completing activity 2 on the e-safety sheet from yesterday.

Tuesday 31st March

Reading task:

Again today for our reading task, either read your school reading book or log on to and choose a book on the book shelf to read.

Literacy task:

Watch the Easter story on CBeebies -

Discuss how Easter is a Christian festival and even if you are not a Christian, it is important to learn about other faiths and celebrations.

Ask your child to talk about what happens at the beginning of the story, middle of the story and at the end of the story.

Maths task:

Look around your house at some of your recycling materials, such as any cardboard boxes from food packaging or empty bottles. Also any magazines or newspapers would be good! If you do not have any empty ones have a look in your kitchen cupboards at packages and tins but ask a grown up to help you.

Have a look at all the packages/resources you have and see if you can find any numbers on them.

Any numbers you find, write them down on a separate piece of paper.

Grown ups - test your child on all the numbers they have wrote down and see if they can tell you what numbers they are.

Challenge: What is the smallest number you found?

What is the biggest number you found?

What is one more than the biggest number you found?

Topic task:

As we are at home now, you may be spending more time on the internet. The internet is great for us to continue with our learning from home but we have to ensure we stay safe while working on the computer or tablet. 

Grown ups - please talk to your child about staying safe online and discuss the importance of them sharing anything with you. that may make them feel uncomfortable or upset. 

Please complete activity 1 on the e-safety sheet at the bottom of this page, called 4-5 activity sheet. 



Monday 30th March

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Reading task:

For today’s reading task, log on to

(For log in details have a look at the letter we sent home - if you are unsure please email us).

When logging in make sure you click on the ‘my class login’ button.

Choose any book to read from the book shelf. Have a go at reading the words yourself by sounding them out or clap them if they are tricky words.

Grown ups - look at the front page and back page and there will be pointers on there for you to ask/do while reading the book.

Literacy task:

For your writing task today we are going to play a game…

Go on a hunt around your house and see if you can find 5 yellow things!

Once you have found 5 yellow items, try and write a list of the items you have found by yourself. Use your phonics to help you by listening for the sounds and writing down the sounds you can hear.

Challenge: Try and write a sentence about one of the items - maybe you could describe the item using adjectives?

PS. Remember to put everything back!

Maths task:

Following on from the game we have just played - get your grown up to time you and set you more challenges! Such as -

How many red things can you find in 1 minute?

How many blue things can you find in 30 seconds?

… and so on.

Write down how many of each colour items you find (make sure you count them correctly).

Challenge: Add together some of your amounts such as how many red and blue items did you find?

How many yellow and red items did you find?

Topic task:

For our topic lesson today, let's start off the week with a healthy start!

Try and join in with ‘Joe Wicks PE lesson’ on youtube.

This will be live at 9am on his youtube channel, if not then watch one of the ones he has previously done on youtube and join in!

Afterwards feel your heart beating and describe the changes to your grown up!



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