Class 13, 14 and 15

Photo Gallery

Class 13, 14 and 15 have enjoyed lots of different activities so far this year. Please explore our gallery to find out more about the exciting experiences we have had. 

Mayan Chocolate Experience

Year 6 have been studying an ancient civilisation called the Mayans. These people discovered chocolate (xocolatl) and Carl, who is from the Ministry of Chocolate, told the children all about the history of chocolate. He also showed the children the various types of chocolate and their origins. At the end of the session, Carl allowed the children to make their own chocolate treats.



British Red Cross Refugee Awareness

The Red Cross visited and spoke to the children about refugees and asylum seekers. They discussed with the children the reasons people find themselves in certain situations. The children spoke about the feelings a refugee or asylum seeker may have when they have been forced to flee their own country. Another visit from the Red Cross focused on basic First Aid training. The children were showed how to administer basic skills and they had the opportunity to put these new skills into practice.


Manchester College Careers Morning
Year 6 children (who were interested in the various careers available) were invited to Manchester College for a careers workshop. The college tutors and some students were in attendance at the various workshops. One of the workshops was Travel and Tourism and it consisted of a mock aeroplane scene where it explained the role of an air steward to the children.  The hair and beauty workshop allowed the children to practise hair styles using mannequins and to paint nails in various designs. Health and Social Care focused on healthy food and drink and the children had the opportunity to make smoothies from fruit.


North City Library - Green Screen Opportunity
The North City Library provided a workshop for Year 6 children involving their new green screen equipment. The children had the opportunity in groups to create images from books and films and integrate themselves (or parts of themselves!) into them. The children were also introduced to an image editor programme on the iPads to manipulate and change parts of the images too. Year 6 had lots of fun and laughter doing this! They had a fantastic time and hope to be given the opportunity to use this equipment again in the future.



Trip to the Manchester Museum

As part of the Year 6 topic on Habitats and Adaptation, they visited the Manchester Museum to take part in various activities. These included: identifying different creatures by asking scientific questions regarding their bone structure, habitat and eating habits. The children had an interactive workshop where they were allowed to handle different creates (frogs, snakes and lizards). These children were challenged to find the name of the mystery creature through the process of elimination and questioning as well as walking through the museum.

Garage Band

In Year 6, we have been very fortunate to have an electronic music composer/producer in called Caro who has been in delivering iPad music workshops for the last 5 weeks! She has taught us all about electronic music; the key musical terms and phrases; how to use the “Garage Band” app on the iPads; and has helped us create a theme tune to our very own TV show! 


Humanist Q & A

Year 6 had the lucky opportunity to speak to two Humanists from the North West Humanist Association! As Humanism is the Year 6 topic for the Summer term, we have looked the beliefs of Humanists and the influences every day life has on what they believe in. David and Stef were fantastic at presenting lots of ideas about Humanism to the children and had lots of interesting stories and scenarios for the children to think about. The children came up with lots of questions they wanted to ask them both about being Humanists and the pair were keen to answer every single question! Thank you David and Stef for coming in and giving us lots more knowledge about Humanism from a Humanist perspective!