Class 11 and 12

Photo Gallery

Class 11 and 12 have enjoyed lots of different activities so far this year. Please explore our gallery to find out more about the exciting experiences that we have had.

Ancient Greek Experience Day 

In January, we had a visit from Andros and Penelope from The Makers of History. We were taught how to play Ancient Greek games and write using a quill and papyrus. We had a fantastic day dressing up and sculpting our own Greek coins. We learnt lots of fascinating facts which have helped up in our topic work.

Trip to Heaton Park 

As part of the Year 5 curriculum, we have been learning about coordinates and map work. In March, we went on a trip to Heaton Park to put our skills into practise. Each pair had a map of the park and a given route. We used our map reading skills to navigate our way around the park and find the other groups. Even though some groups got lost, we had a great day out and can't wait to visit again!

A Surprise Visit

 There was a lovely surprise for the children in Class 11 in April. As Reception had been learning about animals and pets, Miss Scanlan kindly brought in her kittens for everyone to see. Miss Stock borrowed the kittens for her class to look at. 

Visit to the Co-Operative Academy

In June, Year 5 were invited to experience a day at the Co-Operative Academy to get an understanding of what high school will be like. We had a tour of the school and participated in taster lessons. Class 11 experienced a music lesson, maths lesson and a history lesson; Class 12 took part in a geography lesson, literacy lesson and maths lesson. At the end of the day, the children had the opportunity to ask any questions to pupils and teachers at the school. Everybody had a fantastic day and a lot of children are now very excited to choose their future high school!