Welcome back to the spring term in Reception.

 If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Reception team.

Reception Staff: Miss Kidd, Mrs Jones, Miss McKenna, Mrs Sharkey


In Reception, we have a different theme every two weeks. This half term’s themes are:

Day and Night, Dark and Light
Words and Roads Take us Places
Safe and Sound


Our ‘Day and Night, Dark and Light’ topic is intended to help your child learn about why we have day time, night time and learn about Space. We will also look at opposites through this topic.


Our ‘Words and Roads take us places’ topic is designed to look at transport and how we get about our local community. We will complete a traffic survey. It will also help us teach the children directional language and we will use the BeeBots in Maths to help us do this.


The topic ‘safe and sound’ shows the children how to stay safe in school, at home and in the local community. We will be inviting memebers of the police and the fire service to allow the children to have a first-hand experience.


School Fund

As you can see, we like to give the children as many first hand experiences as possible. Contributions to school fund every week would enable the children to have better enrichment activities. We ask for 25p per week.


Peace at Last
Whatever Next
How many Stars in the Sky?
Follow That Bus!
A Walk in the Town
Franklin Rides a Bike


Home Links

Each day we will be sending out a home link. This will be a short 5 minute activity related to the topic for you to complete at home with your child at the end of each day. This is not a homework activity, but if you do want to bring anything in to show us, then please do! 

Child Interests

 As you may know, we take your child’s interests into account when planning our weekly activities. If your child has a specific interest or has done something exciting recently, please inform a member of the Reception team.

The Proud Cloud

We have a display in the cloak room for all our parents to contribute to. You can complete a proud cloud to let us know anything your child has done to make you proud of. If you would ever like one please just ask a member of the Reception team.


Reading Books

We read with your children twice weekly and we would really appreciate it if you could ensure your child brings their book every day so that we can use every opportunity to develop their skills. It would also really benefit your child if you read with them as often as possible but we ask for a minimum of 3 times a week. If they do read 3 times a week and we can see evidence of this in the yellow reading diary then we will stamp their book and give them a reward.


Many thanks for your continued support!

The Reception Team

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